1. SonnyJim

    Moscow State Ballet

    Spartacus, this Sunday at the Marmaris Amphitheatre, 2115 Tickets can be booked with Biletix online.
  2. B

    Moscow bomb.

    BBC News - 'Suicide bomber' hits Russia's Volgograd train station Another coward targeting innocent civilians, in pursuit of "a cause." Bill.
  3. babsgood

    Bomb at Moscow airport

    there is breaking news that a suspected terrorist bomb has exploded at Moscow airport killing at least 30 people................ when will it all end?? BBC News - Live: Moscow airport explosion Moscow airport explosion – live updates | World news |
  4. Alexander

    Hello from Moscow

    Hi everybody, really glad to meet you all. I'm Alexander from Moscow and (it seems) the only Russian here... Our property is in Tuzla (you can see it on Hope to be useful to you.
  5. A

    TEFL Teachers needed for Moscow & China

    I'm currently recruiting TEFL Teachers for China and Moscow. Whilst most of you must be thinking 'ahem.. we are looking for work here in Turkey... and this is a Turkey related Board'.... I would like to firstly apologise... and then ask if anybody knows of any TEFL Trained Teachers that would...
  6. Lynda

    Moscow... :14:

    I posted in here as this is not about Turkey but I would like some advise from any of our well travelled members who have travelled to Russia in winter.. Our visas are coming, everything arranged and we are off to Moscow for the New year BUT I have not a clue what to take to wear in the cold...
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