1. bal canavar

    Mosaic with Bible verses found in Turkey

    New 120 sq. meter mosaic containing Bible verses found in southern Turkey A new 120 square meter (1,300 square foot) Byzantine mosaic dating back to the 5-6th century C.E. containing a Bible verse in Greek as well as depictions of various animals living together in peace was discovered at an...
  2. P

    Mosaic restaurant

    Highly reccommended for traditional Turkish food at very reasonable prices.In the back streets near the fish market, you will not regret it.
  3. L


    Recently started Mosaic making brought with me a 'kit' so that I can Mosaic here. Almost completed my door number (will post pic). On bus into Bodrum noticed Bodrum Mosaaic shop and yesterday made a trip there. What a treasure trove, purchased some tiles and this will now be my favourite shop...
  4. VWBug

    World's Second Largest Mosaic Museum In Hatay Draws Interest

    ANTAKYA/ADANA - Antakya Archeology Museum in southern city of Hatay which is the second largest mosaic museum of the world draws great attention of visitors. More than 34,000 artifacts are exhibited in the museum. Antakya Archeology Museum Curator Faruk Kilic told A.A, ''in the aspect of...
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