1. S

    Mortgages and property valuations in Turkey?

    Does anyone know how it works in the tapu office when selling a house to a buyer with a mortgage? We have the paperwork from the belediye stating the minimum amount that has to go on the tapu when we sell and we don't want more than this registered as the tax implications (as we hold a company)...
  2. scotssteve

    turkish mortgages for foreigners

    Good afternoon all from Sunny Altinkum, Topic of the week seems to be centering on mortgages so I thought it might be of help to TLF members and guests if I posted some up to date information. Turkish banks, including Garanti which supplied these illustrations, will now lend up to 50% Loan to...
  3. D

    mortgages in Turkey

    not sure if this is the right area of the forum, but Im after advice regarding mortgages. I co-own a property in Bodrum outright, but I am looking to raise some money against it, for renovations and management fees. Firstly, are there companies in Turkey that would do this, and could anyone...
  4. D

    Financial Services

    Turkey Buoying Greece Is National Bank’s Strategy (Update2) Share Business ExchangeTwitterFacebook| Email | Print | A A A By Niklas Magnusson and Mark Bentley May 10 (Bloomberg) -- Greece’s biggest bank is relying on Turkey to pull it through an economic crisis at home. National Bank of...
  5. J

    Mortgages in turkey transfering money

    hi i am buying my 3rd property in turkey i am thinking about taking a mortgage i will need to set up a transfer from my bank here to turkey. how much will it cost to setup a monthly transer will i need to change the monies first if i am taking a turkish lira mortgage now the rates have dropped...
  6. D

    Raising finance on your Turkish property.

    A long established Irish company has just started to offer, in conjunction with TEB Bank Turkey and DFP (French mortgage company) mortgages on Turkish properties over the value of 72,000 Euros. The minimum loan value is 50,000 Euros ie 70% LTV. Funds can be used for any purpose. This facility...
  7. D

    Turkish mortgages

    Any advice of Turkish mortgages? we are thinking of getting one and wondered if anyone else has done this and who did you use? We are going in to see the HSBC on Friday regarding this.
  8. W

    Turkish Mortgages

    Hi All, I've just been making arrangements to help customers get a mortgage for buying properties in Turkey. It seems that the Turkish authorities need to very quickly sort out the problem of how long it takes for them to issue a tapu. My colleague in the UK who is arranging Turkish mortgages...
  9. D

    Turkish Mortgages??

    Hello. I have been doing some research into this matter. Some nationals of certain countries can obtain a mortgage in Turkey to buy an off plan property? However, does anybody know which banks are offering this? When we bought our apartment we done it through Bank Co-operative as my husband...
  10. D

    mortgages in turkey

    Ive heard rumours that mortgages are going to be available thro a dutch bank,, by the end of the year,,can anybody confirm or denie this,, apart from joining the eu this is the thing that will do wonders for the property prices
  11. C

    Any Turkish Mortgages out there?

    Dear Members, Are there any Turkish mortgages available apart from HSBC? I have 2 flats in Altinkum that I would like to mortgage. Cengiz
  12. rafiki

    Turkish Mortgages

    If any one is intrested I have just completed the sale of my Duplex Apartment in Altinkum and I have sold it to a Turkish Family who bought it using a Mortgage from the Akbank. I was a little worried at first as I didn't use an Estate Agent, I had advertised the property myself at a reasonable...
  13. A

    Turkish mortgages

    As far as I can see is that the new projected law is slowly working it's way round various committees etc. Amongst other things the projected new law has several interesting aspects 1. All buildings are going to have to have "construction utilisation licences" to qualify for mortgages. This I...
  14. P

    Turkish mortgages available to UK nationals !!

    Hi everyone, I am trying to get finance to buy my property in Turkey, since I do not own a property in England I can not get a mortgage with an English bank, my understanding was that I also could not get a mortgage with a Turkish bank because I am non resident in Turkey. I found this web page...
  15. G

    Mortgages for Turkish citizens

    Can someone explain the recent changes in Turkey which have opened up the mortgage market for Turkish nationals. Has this already happened or is it imminent?. Also what impact will this have (if any) on the holiday property market around the turkish coastline as I have come across conflicting...
  16. murdo


    I have read that there is a thing called a Euro mortgage, anyone got experience of this? Also, how happy are UK banks to offer mortgages on properties in Turkey? Do they charge different rates than they do on UK properties. Sorry to ask so many questions.We have a house sale going through to...
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