1. S

    Buying Under The New Rules Which Came into effect 22/1/22

    Hello Helpful People! I'm buying a property in Turkey with a mortgage from a Turkish bank in the UK , in GBP. I also have to put a big downpayment down. My solicitor isn't that helpful in Turkey and I don't think she fully understands the process herself. The bank too are quite unknowledgibe...
  2. Tenpin

    Info Banking in Turkey - Turkish Mortgages for Foreigners

    Courtesy of Doc Martin © Doc Martin 2017 Disclaimer: The information here is provided as a general guide. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information is up to date and accurate, information given here from the Turkish Government, DGMM, GOC, British Consulate & other official...
  3. yalimart

    Mortgage help

    Just a heads up those who get support payments as in the story, Mr 5 jobs Osbourne decided you should have worked harder, longer etc and decided to remove the help you got and instead effectively place a charge on your property and convert the payment to a loan. It may affect some on here or...
  4. A

    Getting a mortgage for Turkey - Mortgage Brokers

    Hi everyone, Been reading the different threads on buying property in Turkey and can see that there are a lot of helpful and informed people posting here. Was wondering if anyone could advise me on getting a mortgage in Turkey. Obviously all of the big Turkish banks are lending - but I have...
  5. lynda123

    Mortgage in Turkey for house purchase question.

    Could someone clarify for me regarding an offer, as I don't know the Turkish banking system very well. The potential purchasers are Turkish. Email from buyer: Trying not to getting ripped off. As you can see they want a copy of the Tapu for the bank, however as the Tapu is still in my name...
  6. R

    Tapu to be transfered before Money paid as part of Mortgage

    In the process of negotiating a sale and are coming towards the end of it and will have a contract with the people who have been looking after our property management. They have provided me with the following info which I looking at getting clarification on before going back to them. They...
  7. Kedi Yavrusu

    Turkish Mortgage

    Does anyone know where you can get a mortgage for a Turkish property for more than 75% please?
  8. S

    Buyer needing a mortgage?

    Has anyone sold their property in Turkey to a buyer needing a mortgage recently? I'm asking as we've been messed about by 3 previous potential buyers now in the last 3 months that have 'loved' the house, all agreed to a price then tried to get more discount after flaffing about for up to 3...
  9. P

    Mortgage problems

    Hi folks I am an owner in Royal Heights in Flamingo Country Club and it is with regret that I am on here looking for advice. Due to financial circumstances I am no longer able to maintain the mortgage or maintenance payments on this property. I am asking anyone for some advice first if they...
  10. E

    Mortgage in Turkey?

    Hi could anyone help me, I want to get a mortage here in Turkey. I have lived here 4 years, have a kimlik been working here for 2 and a half years have sgk for 2 and a half years and have 10.000tl saved up so far. We are thinking to buy ASAP and have seen a house for 100.000tl we have 10.000 and...
  11. M

    UK mortgage interest as tax deductible

    Hi I am in process of buying a Turkish property and intend to generate rental income. I plan to finance the purchase by increasing the mortgage on my UK property. Does anyone know if the the interest charged on the additional mortgage can be treated as an expense for tax purposes. If it can...
  12. H

    Mortgage on Turkish property?

    has anyone had experience of getting a mortgage on a Turkish property they already own? We are thinking of releasing equity from ours to buy property in the UK.
  13. D mortgage company

    İ am rooting around to buy another property and have come across this company which seems to offer mortgages for expats in many countries --does anyone know anything about them or this matter?---the turkish banks are offering me but at their usual extortionate rates!
  14. Mushtaq

    Mortgage lending down almost 90% from 2007 peak

    High street banks were tonight forced to fend off fresh attacks that they are obstructing first-time buyers and throttling the housing market, after data showed mortgage lending has fallen almost 90% since its peak three years ago. Lending for the first three months of the year was £3.7bn, down...
  15. D

    Buyer Beware- Habitation License & Mortgage Scam

    The scam is apparently attracting an accellerating number of unsuspecting victims and so I have been asked to report it here. A UK sales agent sells a property to a UK buyer with advance payment terms and a final payment due on completion, with the promise of an easy mortgage for the buyer...
  16. lara

    Private Mortgage

    This is a question for those who may be selling a property or properties. Would you consider a private mortgage. I have done this in the past and it has worked out very well, for both parties. This is just an idea, I can post further details if anyone is interested, or is this happening already?
  17. may

    First house & mortgage.

    While writing about my first wage in another thread, it took me back to my first mortgage. It was for a one bedroom flat at the top of a close, the flat cost £800we only had it just over a year when the council bought it from us, they gave us £1000. and a new three bedroom council flat. I think...
  18. yalimart

    selling via a mortgage

    Has anyone sold a property to a non Turkish person, who is using a Turkish mortgage ? Apparrently you sign the Tapu over on receipt of a deposit and the bank pay the balance when the millitary clearance is granted. seems risky to me, but would appreciate any of your experiences martin
  19. N


    hi all we are looking to put part of our new akbuk property on a mortgage, has anybody used conti for this purpose.?
  20. N

    new mortgage ??

    hi all i am thinking of putting our final payment onto a mortgage, can anyone recommend any companys to deal with. dont want to do it on uk property. have accounts at TEB and but dont appear to offer mortgages. many thanks
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