1. christella

    Where is the moon

    Is it a total eclipse can't see any moon in Akbuk
  2. A

    Pale Moon web browser

    I was very disappointed when the new Firefox Australis (version 29 and later) interface suddenly replaced my nicely set up Firefox browser on my recently installed and highly customised new operating system. I could no longer have buttons where I wanted and the sub menus just totally did not...
  3. ted j

    Moon landing a hoax?

    Watched a programme last night on channel 5 at 8 pm (Thanks for the reminder Philip), which posed the question , was it rigged There were quite a few anomilies, from cross hairs etched into the still camera lenses (which then should have showed up ON TOP of items, being nearer the "Iris" of...
  4. M

    Mr Moon

    The largest full moon for years tonight. Hav a look now he's just peeping over the horizon (in Turkey anyway):)
  5. v6cod

    Talking to the moon

    I know you're somewhere out there, somewhere far away. This was taken tonight. Technical specs. 300mm at F8 and at 1/160sec
  6. arrian

    Bad Moon Rising??

    if you feel the urge to howl at the moon.................this report says. i think there's one or two on tlf who might be doing just that!! lol (TONGUE IN CHEEK)!!!! says she! Bad moon rising
  7. ZiaCa'

    Largest Full Moon in Two Decades

    The next full moon around 19th March (depending which part of the World we are in of course), will be the largest seen in two decades. Biggest Full Moon in Two Decades Visible Next Week | Scienceray
  8. culturevulture

    google the moon????

    A very "cheeky chappie". Why Google Earth when you can ogle the moon? - National News, Frontpage - Mary.
  9. Spike

    New moon = burglars' moon

    Once again, night before last, 2 houses burgled in the Hillside / Akkya Rd. area. Same story - open door or window, large amounts of cash, jewellery, cards, phones, etc. taken. That's happened on all of the last 3 full moons ...........
  10. KKOB

    Once In A Blue Moon

    There’s a full moon tonight, the second this month, and it should light up the New Year celebrations. Fethiye | Blue Moon Welcomes in 2010
  11. L

    New Moon in Kusadasi

    Hi Not sure if anyone is interested, but noticed yesterday while shopping in Kusadasi's Kipa store, that 'New Moon' is showing in English. The second film of the 'Twilight' series has just been released in the UK, so I am sure there might be some people that are pleased it is over here...
  12. ted j

    Water on the moon

    According to this..Water On The Moon: LCROSS Kicks Ice! | GeekDad | . They've found water on the moon. Just wondering why all the astronauts that have walked on said moon didn't find any evidence?
  13. ceemac

    40th Moon Landing Anniversary

    Probably most of you will realise that this year is the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11's historic moon landing. I was 12 and we all got up at something like 4am to see it live on TV - I can remember how it really did excite people at the time and fire the imagination. That Christmas, I got an...
  14. shirleyanntr

    new moon tonight

    ive been advised by a fellow member thats its a New Moon and if you turn your money over it will double...well ive been on the balcony and done it..i wonder how long its takes? where on earth (or space) did this superstition come from?
  15. ceemac

    The Moon Survival Challenge

    This is good fun. Test yourself and see how you do against NASA's answers. C
  16. peter the postie

    Did man land on the moon?

    Do you believe?
  17. VWBug

    Moon Shadow by a Turk.
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