1. S

    Best Monthly Sim Card Turkey

    Due to go out to Turkey soon and pondering re what to do as regards a sim card. I usually use my Vodafone UK data and minutes whilst in Turkey but I am out of contract here in the UK. So was just wonndering whether I should take out a Vodafone UK contract before I leave ( as I can then use the...
  2. S

    TLF New Monthly Magazine

    Here at TLF we have been for some time trying to produce an accompanying monthly magazine We embarked on extensive research paying particular attention to our Forums demographics including age sex political viewpoint etc We think we’ve nailed it perfectly We are rushing to get it available...
  3. butt007

    SGK monthly charge

    As most foreign residents living here have to pay SGK. We pay 426liras per month. Well, this afternoon went to pay at the PTT our monthly payment that covers me and my wife. And lubbly was only 142liras for this month. I suppose that is because it is Ramadan at the weekend...
  4. D

    Monthly charge AYDEM

    Could somebody tell me what the current AYDEM standard charges are please monthly . We would be empty for winter ,nothing on electrics so what would be the monthly charge for service please left empty . Also is there different tariffs that are say low monthly fee and higher used units or vice...
  5. L

    Monthly costs estimation

    Hello everybody, my name is Leo (see "introduce yourself") from your own experience how much would I roughly pay for utility bills plus other extra costs each month in Dalaman area? Does anyone have a list of all fees that I might encounter each month for my flat beyond utility bills (eg...
  6. B

    monthly or long term rental villa guzelcamli

    In Guzelcamli (near kusadasi) a new 3-bedroom villa is now available monthly or long term. If you are interested you can give me a pm or mail.
  7. peter the postie

    Monthly charge for refuse collection & sewerage?

    We have an apartment in Altinkum. Has this already been discussed on the forum? Dear Owner, It has come to our attention that the Belediye (Council) as of 1st June have put in place a monthly charge for refuse collection & sewerage. This will be charged every month irrespective of water...
  8. L

    Monthly payments problem Bodrum area

    Need a quick answer without having to search through Condiminium Laws.... One site in Bodrum region with one big house 150 sq meters and 2 apartments 75 meters each . So same size. One shared pool and gardens. Does big house pay half of everything ? Or one third ?....3 tapus Need some official...
  9. Y

    Update to paying monthly Sağlık Sigorta premiums?

    I've been to the SGK office and learned my premium rate ...bit of a wait there, but not too bad. Then was told to go on to Ziraat Bank to pay the premiums, backdated to 1st Jan. Never been into Ziraat Bank before - huge room filled with seats for waiting customers (all full) and just one...
  10. D

    monthly mood swings-ladies

    My wife is 40 and has just developed this nasty habit of becoming a nightmare one a month! She vents all her venom on me and treats everyone else normally!-is this normal for women approaching the menopausal years or is she trying to tell me something!!??
  11. C

    Monthly Meeting At Gumusluk Council on 14th June

    Hi, This might be well known news but we have never seen this before. Just thought I would let you know about this meeting that is taking place on 14th June - Details are below. Not sure what goes on but might be worth a visit . Email sent by Öz Er Monthly Meeting Foreigners at Gumusluk...
  12. L

    Monthly 2nd hand market

    In Fethiye there is a 2nd hand market on the 1st Wednesday of every month. It is held in the centre on the side of the weekly markets, under the tunnels. No tables needed, stalls already out. Prebooked only 10tl per stall from the zabita office in Fethiye belediye town centre. I did this...
  13. J

    Sitesi Monthly Site Fees

    I would be interested to know from anyone who owns a property on a sitesi what you pay for monthly site fees and what you get,for example site electric ect.Its just that ours seem to have become exspensive for what we get. Many Thanks
  14. SuperBogs

    Your monthly friend

    This is hysterical - the more you read the funnier it gets! This is an actual letter from an Austin woman sent to American company Proctor and Gamble regarding their feminine products. She really gets rolling after the first paragraph. It's PC Magazine's 2007 editors' choice for best...
  15. Helenm150

    4GB monthly allowance

    I am currently on a package with Turk Telecom that includes a monthly 4GB upload - does anyone have any idea of the additional monthly charge per GB exceeded? Thanks in advance, Helen
  16. A

    Monthly Veterinary Clinic

    I have been speaking to my vet who lives in Soke and she would be delighted to run a 'once a month' veterinary clinic here in Akbuk for routine innoculations, consultations, etc. If she is able to find somewhere to do operations, she will do these as well. This has to be good for the area as...
  17. B

    coming to Antalya and Monthly expenses

    I need some info please ,my self and my wife are planning for early retirement and just finished our last payment on our new apartment at the Tennis resort , to stay comfortably in Antalya how much money we will need in a monthly base
  18. D

    Monthly maintenance

    Hi all! Can anyone tell me the best (and cheapest) way to send a monthly maintenance fee over to Turkey. It seems having spoken to my bank, they want to charge me £25 every month for the privelege, and on top of my 100YTL monthly maintenance fee, this seems a little unaffordable! HELP!!
  19. I

    monthly outgoings

    when i move to turkey next year i will be getting an army pension of £700 per month tax free..Will have bought my house and be living alone so will this money be enough to live on and whats the best way to transfer etc... i know some of this has been covered but straight answers to my questions...
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