1. bickern

    Branded a rapist monster by his own MOTHER

    Sutton was branded a 'monster' and 'a rapist c***' by his own mother and an ex girlfriend who said she was happy he is dead. His mother posted about his death on Facebook. She wrote: 'I hope you rot in hell Marc Thomas Sutton. 'My only disappointment is you died instantly. For any horrified...
  2. T

    Bl&&dy Monster!

    Hope they throw away the key, how can a parent do this to their child!!! bl&&dy monster! "Nearly 15 years after the girl plunged to her death from a 120-foot seaside cliff, her father was sentenced Friday to life in prison without parole for her murder. Jurors found Cameron Brown, 53, a...
  3. arrian

    Monster Burger!

    i've just come back from having a lovely afternoon and meal with my daughter and 3 of my grand daughters and a friend. we went to a canal side restaurant, the food was lovely, company very pleasant, and the sun shone on us. now, i'm not trying to bore you with what i've been up to, but i just...
  4. gizmo

    Monster Irish Waves!!

    Surfer Jayce Robinson Pictured Riding Monster Wave In Ireland Amid Record Swell Off Country's Shores | Strange News | Sky News
  5. niyaz


    What do people think about the lake Van monster.
  6. bobthenob

    Lake Baftas monster

    I do have a wild imagination and l always think to myself”what if”.l am referring to the lake called Bafta. Here we have a large body of semi salt water that has been cut off from the sea by a fast flowing stream of lava that cooled rapidly and set the flow as hard rock many thousands of years...
  7. mavi

    any ideas what this monster is?

    my cat was playing in the garden with this caterpillar like thing, it was about 4 inches in length and the width of a sausage very weird looking thing, with what looked like painted on eyes...
  8. jellybean

    Help! keeping my monster safe.

    hello Does anyone here in Turkey have a stairgate/ doorgate to stop a toddler escaping, who no longer has any use for it. I have a little monster who can now open his bedroom door. We are safe for the next few weeks as he cant get out his cot but that day will come and all to soon. Then he will...
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