1. C

    Monkey selfie copyright

    A battle is taking place in the courts in the USA over the ownership of a "selfie" taken by a macaque monkey named Naruto, living in Indonesia. A lawsuit was filed by PETA, claiming a photo in a book by British wildlife photographer David Slater - Wildlife personalities, was taken on an...
  2. bickern

    Monkey Saves Another Monkey's life

    This Monkey Fell Down After being Caught By High voltage Current monkey loss his senses he fainted.after that another monkey copmes and save his life. This incident happens in Kanpur india on 20 December 2014. "That was a monkey doctor at work. Jumped down there, checked his buddy's breathing...

    Brass monkey!!!!!

    Right venerable members its that time of year again and it would be amiss of me not to start a good old discussion on....yes ...heating. As I will be parking myself down here for the winter the fire place in our house is absolutely useless for heating the living room so I have been instructed...
  4. perfect1949

    monkey rock of yalikavak

    a natural monument looking over yalikavak , i cant take credit for the photos it was my shirley that took them . dave and shirley
  5. duttssie

    Dumped monkey needs help

    Hello. There was 3 boys from england staying at a rented villa in altinkum,they bought a monkey.thinking they could bring it back to england,when they realized they couldn't,they have tethered it outside their rented property,and left, neighbors are feeding it at the moment,is there someone i...
  6. mollag

    Iranian monkey

    Iran has sent a monkey into space Iranian space monkey images released by state TV - video | World news | A fine feat of engineering but i suspect it has beeen done before, but what i am pleased with is that forum members have restrained themselves from making cheap humour at the...
  7. Bubbafella

    Monkey Business

    Hi click on the link below, I thought it was good but does need the sound turned up to get the full effect. Regards Bubbafella
  8. merlin

    Brass Monkey Weather on its way....

    Temperatures in Istanbul are expected to drop by eight to 10 degrees Celsius and the city will suffer from the effects of inclement weather. Sleet followed by snow is expected in the city, Istanbul Meteorology Regional Director Mustafa Yıldırım warned yesterday.
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