1. S

    Transfer money

    Hi, can anyone help. I have been trying to transfer money from my garanti bank to a friends finansbank account using IBAN number. It comes out of my account then soon after goes back in and I get message saying “due to inconsistency between account number and recipient information amount has...
  2. J

    Send Money

    Hello all, Can anyone advise the easiest and cheapest way to send ytl to the UK and turn it into sterling on the way? Are there any Turkish apps like XE? Thank you J
  3. Jaycey

    Transferring money from Turkey

    I will be visiting Alanya shortly to collect €50K cash on a property sale. What is the best way to transfer this to an overseas account? Or can I declare it and bring the cash back with me? Any advice will be much appreciated.
  4. D

    Transfering money from Turkey to UK

    Hi Everyone. My Dad recently passed away and we are trying to get his bank account closed, but with no luck Can someone help with Granti Bank phone number where operator will be able to speak English. Our solicitor was unable to help, and our English solicitor said we need to contact the bank...
  5. juco

    Dole money in days gone by?

    Out of interest do any older members know how all this worked say around the 1960s and onward. All I can remember is it was called dole money , as in unemployed payment. Did they just get a single payment or did they also get rent allowance and other benefits at that time. Just interested as...
  6. Camden

    More Money or else....

    Subtle Diplomacy.... :hmm: Turkish President Erdogan threatens Europe with new wave of migrants Thursday, 05 September 2019 Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened on Thursday to allow a new wave of migrants to move on to the EU if his country did not receive more international...
  7. E

    You wonder why the nhs has no money Lets face it this is not something new i knew nurses 40 years ago getting crazy money ,and they said why work full time .
  8. bickern

    You don't have enough money to buy this!

    I was walking around in a Big Bazar store shopping, when I saw a Cashier talking to a boy couldn't have been more than 5 or 6 years old.. The Cashier said, 'I'm sorry, but you don't have enough money to buy this doll. Then the little boy turned to the cashier and asked: are you sure I don't...
  9. S

    Money transfer cost

    Hi, Please can anyone tell me if Garanti Bank charges to receive transfer from UK. Thanks in advance.
  10. K

    money transfer

    Hi i want to close my HSBC account in Turkey and transfer my money to UK, what is the easiest way and cheapest way. Thanks
  11. bickern

    Tony Blair has claimed more than £1M in taxpayer's money

    Tony Blair has claimed more than £1 million from public funds since the end of his time as Prime Minister - but has not submitted a single receipt for public viewing. A freedom of information tribunal revealed that Blair had received a total of £1,077,888 from the government since leaving...
  12. IbrahimAbi

    Money buys silence?

    A businessman has been granted an injunction against the Telegraph, preventing the publication of details about various allegations of sexual harassment and racial abuse of staff.
  13. U

    money in the bank

    I left Turkey about 6 years ago and left about £300-£400 in mixed currencies in HSBC. Any advise how to get it out as my mobile number has changed my address has changed. but they keep emailing me with circular emails. as it costs about £600 to get out there and sort it I am on a loser!
  14. C

    transfer money

    hi i need to send £100 to a turkish bank account from england. should i send it in turkish lire or stirling and what is the best way to send the money cheapest safest way. thanks for any help.
  15. A

    Cost-effective ways to transfer money to Turkey

    Hi, just incase your not aware, there are a lot of currency payment specialists out there that let you transfer money to Turkish banks without any charges. Also, if you are going to be making monthly payments, then you can agree to fix currency at todays rate, then continue to use that rate to...
  16. oldfogy

    UK taxpayers' money given to jihadists

    UK taxpayers' money given to Guantanamo detainee was 'passed' to teenage jihadists who died in Syria UK taxpayers' money given to Guantanamo detainee was 'passed' to teenage jihadists who died in Syria And more to the point why in the light of the final outcome was he in Guantanamo Bay to...
  17. richbake

    Problem getting money out of Akbank

    Whilst I no longer live in Turkey I still go back frequently and have retained my Akbank savings and current accounts. Until recently I never had any problem in withdrawing from my savings a/c at any time. If it was outside the 32 days of the a/c period I merely lost that month's interest; fair...
  18. mollag

    Virginia and the money tree

    Well, despite what she say's there does seem to be a magic money tree, a quick shake and 1 billion falls out to buy votes, hands up who believed her ? [/IMG]
  19. S

    Make money from tragedy
  20. R

    money transfers

    Hi when we relocate to turkey ,we will be living off our savings, ideally taking a fixed sum each month. It has now come to my attention that each money transfer I make, there will be bank charges for this service. Is it possible to have money sent to us in turkey that does not incur charges...
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