1. beyazbayan

    İt's Monday - Peed off

    Right what pisses me off:- Frequent requests to play mind numbing internet games. (İ really don't give a toss if you raised a bunny or a goat in your fantasy farm) Amercians with a **** accent droning on about how İ can be lean and toned. (some of us don't want to look like a barbie doll -...
  2. bickern

    Two free flights to Humberside on Monday, 23rd June with Thomas Cook.

    Two free flights to Humberside on Monday, 23rd June with Thomas Cook. It leaves at 6.10 a.m. from Dalaman and arrives 8.35 a.m. Anyone interested just needs to change the names on the tickets for a small sum. PM me for details.
  3. A

    Monday,s adventure of tin tin

    Well it felt like an adventure . We have just come back from a planned break to the house in turkey's do some Small repairs and decorating. It stated with me my wife and our youngest daughter who was going. Then my mother suggested we take my father with us who has had a stroke. Physically he...
  4. Gill

    Meeting Monday 20 May

    I have been given this information MONDAY 20 MAY AT 2PM YALIKAVAK BELEDİYE INVITES ALL FOREIGN RESIDENTS TO A SEMINAR WITH A LAWYER Topics to be covered are:- •Wills and Inheritance •Buying and Selling property - including news laws in force from 2014 •Issues concerning...
  5. Tess

    Easter Monday and Tuesday

    I am off work for two days. Roberts Mum lives with us now and has gone off to spend the day at a nieces home, she is doing the same tomorrow. It is giving me a wee break and this morning I have changed all the beds and currently am wading my way through washing all the bedwear. Sadly when making...
  6. J

    monday morning harlem shake

    wigan rlfc do the harlem shake Wigan Warriors Harlem Shake - YouTube
  7. B

    Off to Yalikavak on Monday!

    Hi, we're off to Yalikavak for the first time on Monday, staying at the Cimentepe and would be very interested in any up to date tips about the local area, getting around, good value restaurants etc. Thank you!
  8. perfect1949

    the bupa run on Monday in LONDON

    on Monday my son and his army colleagues ran the 10k London Bupa run , for the army benevolent found . Paula Ratcliffe was in the race she finished 3rd , the winner was Mo Farrah he did a time of 29 nins 13 seconds . my son did 1 hr 11 mins but he ran in army gear and a 20 k pack on his back...
  9. M

    Monday worried about Tapu

    Hi there! I hope someone can help. My new partner divorced his wife a few years ago and the financial settlement was very bitter and had to be settled in the courts because both parties wanted ownership of their Turkish property. In the end my partner bought out his ex wife`s share with units...
  10. A

    Side Meet Up - How is Monday 9 May -

    :24: To reciprocate the lovely meetıng the 14 of us had in Alanya a few days ago - Louise17 and myself would lıke to invite you all to join us on Monday 9th May down by the harbour for lunch. There is a lovely restaurant overlookıng the sea and with Apollo Temple in the background called...
  11. C

    No water supply in Bodrum Monday 7

    There is no water from 8am-6pm on Monday 7th in Bodrum - announced by the Bodrum Belediye. So not whole peninsula, just town and ...Torba? :46:
  12. S

    Aegean Flights -again!

    Just had an e -mail back from Aegean in response to an enquiry about winter flights. They said they may may not be running a winter schedule this year due to lack of interest in past years. If they are running a winter schedule the flights will be out on the website at the end on March. Can...
  13. Sunny Seasider

    Depressing 'Monday'

    Today, 7th February is reported to be the blackest day of the year, where more people phone in to their employer for a 'Sickness' Day off from work, than any other day of the year. It is reported that; "" This is due to the aftermath of Christmas when all the Credit Card bills hit the letter...
  14. V

    Expats meeting on Monday

    As an information item, there will be a meeting between expats and British Consulate officials on Monday December 6 at Didim Council House starting at 12 noon. Various issues apparently will be addressed. It will be held in the same room as the previous meeting.
  15. TB2010

    Hotel in Alanya, 2 nights from Monday

    Hi, I'm staying in Alanya for 2 nights from Monday 15 November and I'd appreciate it if someone would recommend a reasonably priced hotel in Alanya or Oba. Many thanks.
  16. ceemac

    Roads To Avoid Around Bodrum On Monday

    A pre-summer flurry of road works in the Bodrum area will slow drivers to a halt when the lanes are closed off for the 46th President’s Cycling Tour of Turkey Monday. Here C
  17. KKOB

    TCX 345L DLM - MAN Monday 11th Jan

    If any members are on the Thomas Cook flight TCX345L from Dalaman to Manchester 1625 on Monday 11th January, Ceni / Mrs KKOB will be on it and we'd like to hear from you by PM or email.
  18. ceemac

    Monday Morning Giggle

    Some things you really don't want to hear when you're 'under the knife'....... 1. Better save that. We'll need it for the autopsy. 2. Accept this sacrifice, O Great Lord of Darkness. 3. Rex! Rex! Come back with that. Bad dog! 4. Wait a minute, if this is his spleen, then what's that...
  19. donss

    Coming out Monday 12th October....

    Dawn (my wife) & I are coming out on Monday to take possession of our unit in The Spring, Ilica, from Mecitoglu. :peace: How's the weather just now, and who else will be in or around Side for the following two weeks???? Don S.
  20. KKOB

    Kaya Koy to Karagozler Walk Monday 12th October

    I'm going to arrange a walk from the Kaya Valley to the Boatyard at Karagozler for Monday 12th October, weather permitting. We'll meet at the starting point in the Kaya Valley at 2pm. Dolmuses for Kaya Village and Gemiler Beach leave Fethiye on the hour from the area behind the big white...
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