1. niyaz


    Monarch has just increased their luggage allowance from 20 to 23 kilos and on the way back from turkey the allowance is 26 kilos. Nice.:16vf:
  2. Yalides

    Monarch airlines

    Monarch in a spot of bother. Flights to Turkey at risk for next season ?
  3. C

    Monarch offering cheap flights to Turkey

    It is worth checking their web site to see if there are any deals to suit. For instance there are return flights 2 - 9 May from Leeds Bradford to Dalaman going for £113 and return Gatwick to Dalaman for a bargain £83. Dalaman to Gatwick one way is only £34. There are similar prices for Antalya...
  4. G

    Monarch airlines

    Does anyone know if Monarch airlines have dropped Bodrum for 2016. They would normally have announced their flights by now for next year, but nothing, yet they have announced flights to Dalaman, so I'm guessing that Bodrum has been dropped off their routes. We usually fligh from Birmingham -...
  5. K

    Monarch Cheap flights July Still available

    For anyone interested Monarch still selling flights for under £170-200 throughout July Birmingham - Bodrum.
  6. L

    Monarch not flying to Bodrum from Luton

    Just had confirmation that Monarch Airlines will not be flying to Bodrum from Luton Airport. The flight I had booked for April 2015 was cancelled last night. Not much choice from the Southern part of the UK now to fly direct to Bodrum, any time of the year. Real shame as it may be another nail...
  7. M

    Monarch hold luggage

    Hi, has anyone flown with monarch recently? We have booked the extras package with them which includes baggage etc, but I'm not sure if I will get all of the 26 kg in one bag, I know some airlines let you take it in 2 bags but when I've looked on the website it says it costs over £42 to take a...
  8. S

    Monarch Airlines in Rescue Package Talks

    From The Times today. http:// Fingers crossed they succeed as I've got a flight booked in 8 days time!
  9. P

    monarch flights to antalya 2015 whats going on?

    Hi, we booked retun flights manchester to antalya for june 2015 with monarch. We booked the flights when they first came on sale in july.2 week later friends phoned monarch trying to book same flights, they were told manchester to antalya flights were under review and are no longer on sale.i...
  10. M

    Fly Monarch

    Monarch Airlines are one of the first airlines to ban reclining seats on short haul flights.At last some common sense and relief for all those over 6ft.Hard luck to all those selfish so & so's who insist on doing it for THEIR comfort.:dil:
  11. N

    Monarch flights to Turkey

    does any body no when monarch flyts go on sale next year .
  12. spitfire

    Monarch Flash Sale

    Morarch Flash Sale Morarch have got a 24hr flash sale on flights to Bodrum and Dalaman in June and July. Also if you fly From Manchester or East Midlands and add the code "HAPPY10" at the payment page you can save an extra £10 :becky: Here's an example of one I've just found, hope this helps...
  13. Tommie

    Monarch 20 hour sale

    Just received email from Monarch that they have a 24 hour sale, which started mid-day today, and flights to Bodrum are from £49.99 I have not read the small print! Excuse typos. Rush to put out before 20 (or 24) hours expired.
  14. M

    Monarch airlines

    Hi everyone was wondering if you can help with a query about outsized luggage when you travel with monarch,do they just take weight from your allowance or do you pay separately thanks
  15. paddington bear

    Monarch Hand Luggage

    For the first time we are flying to the UK with Monarch. Does anyone know if they are pedantic about the size of hand luggage? My hand luggage bags, which I have used on TC flights, are OK on the height and length but the width they are quoting on their web site is 25cm and mine are 28cm and...
  16. ZiaCa'

    New Monarch Flights to Antalya

    Monarch has announced new flights to Antalya from Luton in 2014 Luton to Antalya We have also launched a new route to Nice and Antalya from Gatwick and Luton respectively. Antalya is a popular destination in Turkey, already flown to from Leeds-Bradford, Gatwick and Manchester. This new route...
  17. G

    monarch check-in

    just wondering if anyone had any problems with the online check in on monarch ? they have said i can check in online but to do so i must buy my seat ,now am i going to get to the airport and get charged loads of money because i haven't checked in online and bought a seat,or do they not worry ...
  18. J

    Monarch Airlines

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for flights to come over to Bodrum in July and Monarch are way ahead on price. Can anyone tell me if you receive allocated seats during check in at the airport or is it a scrum to get a seat like Jet 2?
  19. S

    Rip off Monarch ailines!!!!!Be careful

    Today my son went on line to put his passport details on for his flight to find he had inadvertently enter his girl friends surname the same as his on his booking form. He needed to change the surname to the correct surname. £100 charge to do this!!!!!!! He phoned and spoke to a supervisor and...
  20. gerald

    Monarch 10% discount

    Monarch fly 10% discount code using code MAMAPAPA
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