1. S

    Scariest moment of my life

    Currently in this area we are experiencing the worse Gotta Fria storms in years Seafront promises destroyed homes flood power cuts schools closed and roads closed I am a nervous flyer at best of times but last night I flew into Valencia from Istanbul in the middle of this horror The pilot...
  2. Webarella

    Advice for visiting Alanya at the moment?

    Hi, comming to Alanya tomorrow for 2 weeks with my daughter and just want to know what is the real situation there. I have heard that there is nothing too serious going on and if I look at the newspapers, they give a totally different picture. I would highly appreciate if someone told me is it...
  3. flowerpotman

    Please Sign and take a moment to think
  4. lilacdiana

    Mad Moment

    Have you ever done something and the minute you have done it you think to yourself how could I have been so stupid to do that!!!! My job is visiting people in their own homes who need some form of help to enable them to stay there so things we do are wide and varied. On Monday I visited a chap...
  5. tomc1984

    Exchange at the moment in Yalikavak

    What is the exchange rate at the moment please in Yali? Tesco today offering 2.72
  6. R

    What is happening in Side at the moment

    Hello! does any one knows what is happening in side at the moment. what is happening to umut, is it open again?, does any one know what is hapening at the land there oxyd was, is there a new hotel now? have they closed all shops and restaurants from Chineese to oxyd (where old oxyd was)? does...
  7. pineapple1

    Lets Spare A Moment !`

    Can I ask you all to spare a moment and remember those we have lost this year from TLF and raise a glass to absent friends . And I wish all the very best to Arriane Ceni Kale & Soo I hope all goes well for you all in 2012 I wish all members a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New year...
  8. Mushtaq

    Bus Crash:CCTV Inside Shows Moment Of Impact

    The movie show the passengers contently looking out of the window and chatting as the bus trundles along. But then some of them stand up in horror as they spot a lorry heading directly towards them at high speed. Moments later glass is sprayed across the bus and the passengers thrown violently...
  9. tinkycarol

    Weather in Didim at the moment?

    Just a quick query - what is the weather/temp like in Altinkum at the moment? Trying to pack & travel light but feels cold here today. Many thanks, Carol
  10. mollag

    senior moment

    Just been sneaky scarfing some seker the memsahib is prepping for seker bayram and one of the flavours took me right back to the fifties, so wiwtk is, can you still get rum and butter flavoured sweets? In another life i made rum and raisin flavoured ice cream in a factory, another fave of mine...
  11. Squeaky

    Turkish media combat's mortal moment

    Good evening: Turkey’s always-fractious politics were buffeted by a new round of domestic media pyrotechnics over the weekend, as front pages gave dramatic play to a politician’s sex life uploaded to the Internet. Turkish media combat's mortal moment - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review...
  12. Mushtaq

    Really p*ssed off at the moment

    I am really surprised by reading some of the threads of late and I'm sure a lot of other people feel the same. Some of the people complaining about the way the forum is going downhill and off topic and not relevant to Turkey etc. are infact the very people contributing to the bad feeling by...
  13. Bibby

    Another aah moment

  14. KKOB

    Today's Ahhhhh Moment

    I'll show you my cuties if you show me yours!
  15. J

    Anybody near Gumbet at the moment

    This article Unlicensed buildings in Bodrum demolished - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review is being discussed on some other forums and makes frightening reading. When we were over there at the beginning of November, some of our friends were saying they had to remove or shorten their...
  16. L

    Side weather at the moment....

    Is anyone in Side/Antalya area at the moment or just come back ?? Planning on getting a flight out there in the the next 5-7 days for a couple of weeks and was wondering if the chilly nights have set in yet...I'm being a typical women and looking to pack for all occasions/weather !! Thank you
  17. J

    Derby Hotel - Blonde moment

    I have just come back from a wonderful week at house in Akbuk. Some friends decided to visit the area, but did not want to disturb me so booked into the Derby Hotel. I planned to visit them the next day and spend the day by the pool with my son. As my house is near the Holiday Resort...
  18. PhilCo

    A moment of clarity

    A woman's husband had been slipping in and out of a coma for several months, yet she had stayed by his bedside every single day. One day, when he came to, he motioned for her to come nearer. As she sat by him, he whispered, eyes filling with tears. "You know what? You have been with me all...
  19. G

    Mosquito's particulary bad in Akbuk at the moment

    We have just got back from a fortnight in Akbuk and both myself and my wife got badly bitten, particularly on the legs, feet, arms and hands. Admittedly we didn't take any precautions at all but would advise not to sit outside during the night hours
  20. G

    Whats the night-time temperatures like at the moment

    We are over in Akbuk in 2 weeks time and have been warned it may be a bit chilly at nightime. Given that Kusadasi was 30 degrees overnight last week I find this hard to believe, but just thought I'd ask anyhow.
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