1. IbrahimAbi

    New kit for TLF Mods

    My new office stuff arrived today for 2019 thanks Mushtaq:-
  2. S

    Mods, please delete my account, im being cyberstalked

    mods, please delete my account, im being cyberstalked
  3. S

    mods, please delete my alternate account i used to log back in and retrieve my old on

    i got locked out of this account, and i deleted my email previously, so i created a new account called silly with the intention of retrieving the old account, so please delete it and please forgive me because i just remembered my password. EDIT: sorry for the trouble.
  4. flowerpotman

    No Mods on Line Lets go

    Lets Go Fucking Mental.. - YouTube
  5. bickern

    Mods are members too

    No one joined this forum as a moderator, we were all normal members enjoying reading and contributing to TLF so as to make it a rich place of information or amusement. When we took on the role of moderator we did not resign as members, we run the role concurrently and if a topic is of interest...
  6. abba

    Thank you Mods

    Having reported the annoying posts from someone trying to sell kitchens over the past few mornings, I am happy to see that todays posts seem to have been caught. Thank you to the Mods for accomplishing this feat.
  7. Carolyn

    New mods new broom?

    The return of two former and highly respected Mods - David and Martin seems to be a hugely popular choice with the majority of members. Both had previously stood down for a number of reasons. Their return suggests that members were happy with the forum in the old days. Yes, there were...
  8. Sunny Seasider

    Mushtaq and The Mods

    I would just like to wish Mushtaq and all our Moderators a very Happy, stressfree (from the forum) festive season. This year hasn't been easy keeping us all in line, you do this of your own free will/time, and I hope we continue with this excellent forum into 2011. :50:
  9. G

    Dear Mods, duplicate threads

    we seem to specialising in duplicate threads at the moment, Nationwide charges, 90/180 day visas and lots of doggies. Can atleast the first two be joined together?
  10. zuberdust


    rite... if u delete a started thread? why dont u notify the person first stating WHY it was removed? would police arrest someone without giving a reason? just cos YOU dont like it dont make it ok to remove! .... ill wait till this thread gets removed... p.s that thread was in the padded rooms...
  11. M

    Are MODS necessary?

    I've more or less read most of what's gone on the last few days and I must say it does surprise me how it's all erupted, and for what? Hurt egos it sounds to me. I'm wondering if MODS are necessary on this forum though? I have recently started reading Money Saving Expert run by Martin Lewis and...
  12. carolk

    Happy New Year to the Mods!

    Happy New Year Martyn, KKOB, Andy, Gail, Ian and of course Mushtaq. Thanks for the doing this 'thankless' task whereby you're dammed if you do and dammed if you don't!! Have a good one! :kiss: And to everyone else. :kiss:
  13. jimiboy

    Gulluk harbour mods.

    Hi Folks, I am buying into Horizon Sky, and yes I know about all the problems. My partner and I plan to retire, or at least spend a good portion of our retirement there. I have heard, mainly via Select Property newsletters, that the Gulluk harbour is to be modified to take pleasure craft and...
  14. Helenbodrum

    Mods - help with avatar please?

    Errr I wonder if somebody technical could help me! I surprised myself by actually managing to get a pic of me and my husband as my avator, but we are tiny! Is there anyway you could zoom in and chop the sides off so that we can be seen?! (Believe me I've tried, but have no clue :crazy: ) Would...
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