1. G

    To all the moderators

    I just want to say I'm sorry if I don't always get things Wright and I know you're always there watching and making things Wright So a big thank you for looking after me and every one. Keep up the good work
  2. Mushtaq

    New Moderators

    Please welcome our new moderators; Saoirse & IbrahimAbi They are long established and well know members, I'm sure we will all benefit from their knowledge and wisdom. Please give them a little while to settle in and find their way around the new facilities afforded to them, including the...
  3. Mushtaq

    Moderators wanted

    We are currently short on active moderators, in addition a certain amountt of mod bashing has been going on for a while. I think it's about time we added to the team, so how about offering your services and see how things are from the moderator's point of view? Anyone interested please send me...
  4. Akasya


    Good morning , i notice a happy birthday to New Horizon today , it set me thinking do they still visit , are they an active moderator. I know that when mods post , under their declared identity that we are aware as their tag is blueish. Is there a list of moderators , do we know how many...
  5. Mushtaq

    Moderators changes

    Linda has resigned as a moderator from TLF as she has left Turkey and will have little time in her new life in UK. Alison has also resigned due to her starting a full time job and due other personal reasons she feels unable to continue her role as a moderator. I would like to offer my sincere...
  6. val2661

    Bashing the moderators

    Over the last few weeks on this Forum it appears to me that it is open season for insulting and questioning the moderators of here. I am a moderator and yesterday was personally insulted by a member for no other reason that I gave this member an infraction for insulting another member. Can I...
  7. J

    question to Moderators re:Forum for Mersin

    Hi Although new to TLF i was wondering why there is not a local forum for my area Mersin/Adana area? Although i know this is not a big touristy area there are lots of people from all nationalities now coming to live here. I am married to a Turkish man and am English so can offer loads of...
  8. tomc1984

    General discussion about Moderators

    Just out of curiosity, what is the procedure for getting new mods. does somone just pick a name, is there a vote. You say it is mainly female, it will be if just females are "appointed".
  9. karios

    Moderators and P/messages

    Is it true that moderators are able to read our P/messages to each other? Just a question.:rolleyes:
  10. DRACEY

    Moderators Impartiality ???

    I have been prompted to post this on open forum due to the removal of a post by me yesterday. I made a fairly innocuous comment on the abilities of David Beckham as a public speaker with referance to the World Cup in reply to another poster stating that he had spoken well.Hardly a controvercial...
  11. Mushtaq

    Please welcome new moderators

    I would like to welcome addition to our moderator team the following new members; alison09400 Kirpi Lindacm mrkeith pineapple1 val2661 yalimart You can see the moderators on this page, they are listed next to the forums they moderate, also their ID is in Green...
  12. John O' Dreams

    Please Stop Telling the Moderators their Duties

    Moderators - the following threads need to be closed - I don't like them: Cosmetic Dentist - Bodrum (I already have a dentist), New English Newspaper.... (I get my news on the internet), Dalaman Airport (never use it), Annual fees - who sets... (my place isn't on a complex), Tansas Opening! (I...
  13. dlturk7

    Moderators: stop discussion turning sour

    I'm a new member and really saddened by the recent volcanic eruption among regular members here at TLF, which prompted some to leave, including moderators. And the ash of negativity still lingers... In my opinion, this forum draws everyone from everywhere - it's a melting pot of cultures...


    Obviously, with all the upsets over the last few days, it got me wondering to how the mods were chosen. I just think that perhaps there should be an election where names are put forward and seconded and that they only serve a set term , before being up for election again. What are others...
  15. Mushtaq

    Two new moderators

    I would like to welcome Andy Chapman and Martyn to the moderator team, as the forum is getting busier and we have new members joining daily, we need help with keeping things running smoothly and keep the trouble makers in check :lol: You all know them already as members and I'm sure they will...
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