1. N

    ADSL wireless modem router

    ADSL wireless modem router as new hardly used with 5 Ethernet cable point 120 TL didim or £30
  2. immac

    TTNet Fibre Internet - Which Modem

    I am having Fiber Internet installed by TTNet before the weekend. Only a low 24mbps until the Fethiye system is uprated, then should get 100mbps. Anyway, I think my ADSL modem will not work with it. Which modem do I need? Ian
  3. Graham7

    UNLOCKED 3 Mobile Broadband Modem USB Dongle ZTE MF112

    Hi My dad as got the internet and at the moment he connects by ExpressCard slot the sim (Turkcell) is register. My Dad want to connect by USB so he can us it all so on his PC and as back up in case the laptop stop working. I have got him a UNLOCKED 3 Mobile Broadband Modem USB Dongle ZTE...
  4. T

    help with belkin modem needed

    I've set up a new modum, internet connections are all fine, my problem is with connection to my dream box and tv, it appears that I need my laptop wire connected before the TV comes on about half an hour later from a black screen. any help would be great. Thanks.
  5. S

    3g modem

    :28:Hello guys! i've gut avodafone sim which i used to make local calls in Turkey. i wanted to use it for 3g service. i bought usp modem vodafone brodband model k35670-z. a friend told me to send a message to number 3636 to get a bckage of 3g internoet for a month for about 8LT The prblem is...
  6. R

    Modem for sale

    We have a Turkcell 3G Modem for sale, selling for 80tl. only selling due to we have moved to a new site that has wifi. we are in Yalikavak, if anyone is interested please pm us.
  7. yalimart

    uk bought wireless n modem router

    Hi has anyone taken and used a uk bought modem/router, i am thinking of taking a netgear wireless n modem as the range on the tt net supplied one is pretty poor and only has one lan port more concerned about the type of adsl signal than the actual wireless between devices thanks in advance martin
  8. abba

    Air ties modem

    I have just moved from Izmir to Bodrum and have a new modem installed for TTnet service. It was installed in Turkish and works fine except that upon start up I get an airties warning about a proxy. Called airties and was informed that if i change the settings to not use proxies, I will lose my...
  9. R

    Computer Modem for sale

    Hi , I have a vodafone E160E mobile computer modem for sale which i purchased in Turkey only 3 months ago. selling for 100TL we are in Yalikavak If you are interested in more detail please contact me. Regards Richard
  10. perfect1949

    Mobile modem

    got a mobile modem or dongle, for my lap top as i have no telephone line on my site. got the modem from vodaphone cost for a 3g with SIM and kontors was 150 tl . it works great ,hope you find this thread helpful
  11. U

    Is it a modem problem?

    Have had base computer and lap top, using an Air Ties Wireless Modem, suddenly load 30-40 blank pages on the Internet all headed 'About Blank' The only way to stop it is to turn the computer off and back on again. Anybody else had this problem? Could it be wireless interference from another...
  12. U

    Adsl modem speed

    I see there are many prices for ADSL modems. If I pay more do I get a faster connection? At the moment I have an Airties
  13. P

    ADSL modem

    Does anyone know if an ADSL modem will work from any phone socket in our villa?.It was connected downstairs but we decided to move the computer to the top floor.The phone socket works upstairs :307bt: but the modem would,nt :kafa: .Do i have to have the PTT out to alter that socket? Many thanks
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