1. U

    Hobby - Building boat/ship models

    Hi everybody. I have lived last three summers in Fethiye, and then owned a home. I'm a retired captain, fixed wing and helicopter pilot planning to live the rest of my lifetime in Fethiye. I like to build models, a beautiful hobby. If anyone wants to learn this hobby, we can discuss our ideas...
  2. B

    Hand Made models ships Exhibition..

    Handmade Model Ship Exhibition - 27th Ag - 04 September 2012 We are very pleased to invite you to our exhibition of beautiful hand-made model ships. The exhibition opens at 10am on Monday exhibition will close at 7pm. Free admission. We are happy to be able to offer you complimentary...
  3. Yalides

    Role models

    Wayne Rooney and Ryan Giggs as role models for the youth of today ? I don`t think so. Who do you think makes an ideal role model these days and for what reason ? Not necessarily sports persons.
  4. qwerty

    Good Role Models for Girls

    Just been reading this article: Role models: someone to look up to | Life and style | The Guardian Has a link to a site with good role models for girls, I thought members with daughters may like to share it with them. pinkstinks - Role Models - Role Model Of The Month This month's role model...
  5. arrian

    Ugly Models

    i'm thinking of joining!!! lol Ugly Models: The unlikely supermodels set to invade your TV screen | Mail Online
  6. Martyn

    Ipod Nano or Classic & Archos models

    Has anyone got one of the above and can give their views on it? I'm thinking of buying one mainly for music or radio podcasts but there are so many models to choose from. I quite like the Nano 8gb and it would probably suit my needs,has anyone got one?
  7. Pennie

    Future Models or what?

    Ches and Beth were a little bored the other evening, so decided to give themselves makeovers............... What do you think??
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