1. S

    UK mobiles rip off

    This just bugs me so I thought I would annoy others with it too Tescomobile call charges in U.K. 25p a minute and 10p a text Tescomobile call charges in Spain 4p a min inc back to U.K and 1p a text Don't get it!!!
  2. A&P

    Registration of UK mobiles stopped ????

    Hi. We tried to register our mobile phone today at a Turkcell shop in Fethiye and were informed that it is no longer possible to register a UK phone to use beyond a 2-3 week period with a Turkish SIM. After this period, the phone becomes locked and cannot be used at all. We stated that we...
  3. E

    Price of mobiles shooting up

    I was in Turkcell today and I asked the price of the iPhone 4 which has been out a while and was told it was 2,200 Tl! Not that long ago it had been 1,600 tl and the assistant said yes, it's shot up in price because the tl has dived against the euro. Seems electronics and many other imported...
  4. maggie

    Cheaper U.K. calls to Turkish Mobiles.

    Spikko | Facebook Dont know if this is of any use to anyone. Hugs Maggie xx
  5. S

    Advice pls - Mobile B'band, Skype & calling UK mobiles!

    Hi there I am planning a 2 month trip to Turkey (Dalyan) and will need to work from our place of residence which does not have wifi! Can anyone advise me on the best way to use a mobile broadband dongle (I have a UK dongle) & credit in Turkey and how long this might last for use on the...
  6. scotssteve

    Turkish Pay as you go Mobiles

    Morning all I'm looking for advice on the best deals for pay as you go mobile phones in Turkey. Fed up paying £1.65 a minute to bounce local calls via the UK. What network? Best places to buy? What are the charges like? All advice greatfully received - you probably all have one already! So...
  7. ceemac

    Three Million Fall Victim To Mobiles Theft

    That's a lot of phones... Nearly three million Britons have had their phones stolen. And the worst place to be if you want to keep your phone is Sheffield, according to the survey from life assistance company CPP, with more than one in 10 residents having had their phones stolen. Here C
  8. ceemac

    Call Turkish Mobiles For 1.5ppm!!

    I haven't tried this yet but intend to. They say you can ring a Turkish mobile from UK landline for 1.5p per minute, and from UK mobile for 2p per minute. They also state this; 'It sounds almost too good to be true, doesn't it? Perhaps you're thinking "Where's the catch?" Well, there isn't...
  9. stevecarol

    calling mobiles

    Hi all When i call a Turkish mobile from the UK with a Uk mobile, do i just dial the number ( 05388#####6) or should i put an internation code in front, Also when im in Turkey what would the proceedure be, if someone would write it down for me i would be gratefull, Thanks all :307bt:
  10. Andy

    What Mobiles are doing to your Brain

    You will not believe this... :help:
  11. DtB

    Turkish Mobiles Abroad.........

    Has anyone ever bought a Turkish PAYG Mobile and then tried to use it abroad? It's just that I did buy a mobile in Turkey and was just tanking up the battery tonight and all I got was an "Emergency" message which presumably means I can't phone normal numbers.............. At present it's no...
  12. merlin

    Free phone calls to the States from UK (incl to mobiles)

    This offer is available using a Post Office Phonecard Last month the "free country" was POLAND This month it is USA (includes mobiles for the USA) With a Post Office™ phonecard we'll give you free calls every...
  13. S

    Pay as you go mobiles

    How would I get a turkish pay as you go sim card to facillitate cheap local calls for taxis / emergencies etc. Any advice on which is the best company. In anticipation Steve
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