1. IbrahimAbi

    Mobile use in cars

    Now this is good news to me. lets hope that Turkey takes this one on. it could generate some income too. New South Wales rolled out mobile phone detection cameras on Sunday, hoping to cut the number of fatalities on its roads by a third over two years, transport authorities said...
  2. S

    Buying PAYG mobile phone in Turkey?

    Simple question I have been asked but don’t know current situation- to buy a new Payg mobile phone in Turkey do you need residency?
  3. L

    Mobile phone

    Anyone know where I can buy a bog standard not all singing and dancing mobile phone in Altinkum/Didm.
  4. E

    Mobile info
  5. V

    Mobile contracts for foreigners

    Turkcell are now offering a full range of mobile phone contracts for foreigners with residence permits who sign up for a new number and a 12 month deal. Previously yabancis have been restricted to pay as you go. To sign up you need to provide your passport, ikhamet and proof of address, either a...
  6. S

    New mobile phone registration help?

    Hi all, i've just seen on another site that all mobile phones have to be re-registered with residency permit/kimlik number. We are in the UK now but still keep one of our Turkish mobiles 'open' to use whilst there, we have an old residency permit with the 99 number on but we don't get messages...
  7. gally

    UK Mobile registering in Turkey

    Hi Can anyone tell me what the process is for registering your UK mobile in Turkey? and how much is it nowadays? Thanks
  8. Jaycey

    Mobile phones for the hearing impaired.

    My friend (yes, my friend! :) ) is partially deaf and has a problem using a regular mobile phone. Does anyone perhaps know of a reasonably priced phone suitable for the hearing impaired?
  9. H

    Laptop and mobile phone costs

    Is the cost of mobile phones and laptops much different from UK ? Thanks
  10. S

    Best Mobile Phone Option in Turkey?

    Best Mobile Phone Sim Card Option in Turkey? I am due to go to Turkey for an 80day stay. I never take my UK phone being paranoid about running up inadvertent roaming charges - so till now I have relied on Skype, Viber and What's App etc. However I have fell heir to a Turkish mobile phone so am...
  11. M

    Mobile phone

    Hi,homeowner in Tuzla,spend 3/4 weeks twice a year there.Question,what's best method for phoning home and to avoid excessive charges from my mobile phone company?Its to UK. Also,anyone know how to get cheap internet connection apart from obvious cafes,bars etc?Only need for FaceTime,browsing...
  12. teosgirl

    Mobile phones UK

    Hi, I'm looking for opinions regarding the best ( most affordable/value for money) mobile phone companies in the UK. I'm considering my options for when I return to the UK later this summer and can't decide whether to get a mobile phone on a monthly subscription package, or keep my Turkish...
  13. Jaycey

    Five things you probably never knew your mobile phone could do !!!

    “There are a few things that can be done in times of grave emergencies.... Your mobile phone can actually be a life saver or an emergency tool for survival. Check out the things that you can do with it: FIRST Emergency Services The Emergency Number worldwide for all Mobile Phones is 112. If...
  14. L

    Mobile Internet in Turkey

    Hi Guys. I want to get mobile internet in our apartment this year, and have been told I need a dongle. Do I need a Turkish one or can I use my UK 3 one? Many thanks Leeb
  15. M

    Mobile 'Phone

    My next door neighbour has a mobile she wishes to sell. I do not know the make. The guy in the shop where she took it said he would only buy it if she deleted all messages, etc. She suggested that she took the SIM card out but he said that is not good enough, the memory must be cleared...
  16. immac

    Mobile Upgrade to 4.5G

    Any suggestions as to make and model would be useful. Moving up to a more modern phone, and 4.5G seems to be the standard to aim for. Anyone have any experience of this and any tips - good & bad? Not too fussed about the camera side of it, to be honest, and that seems to dominate the adverts...
  17. paddington bear

    Mobile phone internet problem

    Him indoors has a Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile and a Samsung tablet. He is unable to access the internet from home for the last couple of days on both devices, he gets a message saying "not in range". He is sat next to the internet moden !!! I took the phone into Turkcell today and they got...
  18. suzyq

    BackTrack On New Taxes For Mobile's & Tablets

    After saying additional import taxes on electronic goods, mainly mobile phones, would be imposed, Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci backtracked on Aug. 17. “There won’t be any additional customs duties or compensatory taxes on tablets and mobile phones,” Reuters quoted Zeybekci as saying during a...
  19. J

    Mobile phone

    i have a UK phone which was registered for use in turkey. It is broken so I need to buy one here , with my turkcell sim work in any turkish phone . Or is the registration linked to sim as well . Thanks :-)
  20. W

    Turkish SIM Card in UK Mobile Phone

    Sorry if this has been asked many times before, but I have an unblocked UK mobile phone and I would like to buy a Turkish pay as you go SIM to use in this phone without having to fully register it etc with Turkcell. Does anyone know if this phone could be used for 2 weeks whilst on holiday...
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