1. S

    Mix on Forums

    When I banter about the mythical Spanish Living Forum and joke about TLF it often strikes me the very wide range of types of people we all encounter on forums. I suppose it's a mirror of people in the real world but I do at times wonder is it also that a certain type of person is attracted to...
  2. bickern

    Celtic Music - Relaxing And Beautiful Mix

    Just had this on in the background for the last hour; really set my day. Celtic Music - Relaxing And Beautiful Mix - YouTube :D:biggrin1:
  3. A89

    itunes mix up

    Can anyone of you helpful chaps here tell me how to stop my itunes from mixing up songs of any particular album please? Ive just put 4 albums into itunes, 2 of them were fine and each song of the album is listed in order and so goes onto the ipod in that order. The other 2 are all mixed up and...
  4. T

    Weedkiller, mix ratio?

    Hi. I have bought some Korfosat 48 SL weedkiller as I can't find Round Up now, I think it has been taken off the market. I don't know how much water to weedkiler, at the shop they said 1 capfull to 5 ltrs but that doesn't seem enough to me, anyone used this make for weeds & grass know the ratio...
  5. animalmad34

    Pepsi - Doberman Mix pup - 9 Mths old looking for her forever home

    Pepsi is a 9mth old doberman Mix..I got a call from a guy who said she was not coping well on the streets, Very frightened and cowered at everything even animals, And Underweight, She was also not spayed so Ang picked her up for me and she is in foster now.. I am looking for a home for her, She...
  6. animalmad34

    Jack - Shepherd mix Puppy - Loving home Wanted

    Jack is a 4 mth old Shepherd mix pup who needs a loving home, Jack needs a special home as he has been badly neglected, He is still very weak and is having calcium injections to improve him bones, He is fully vaccinated and front line and wormed, He does have mange but this is improving and he...
  7. animalmad34

    Lab Mix Puppy - Needs Loving home

    Loving home wanted for Pip who is a lab Mix pup around 4 mths old, He is Fab little man.. He does love people around him, And cries a little but once he knows you are there he is fine, He is very insecure so in time with a loving home this will of course change. he will be the size of a lab...
  8. animalmad34

    Daschund Mix Dog - Needs loving home

    Daisy a Dachsund ( Sausage Dog )Mix - Her mother was full breed Daschund, She is a tiny little thing, But has no confidence atall.. She will need a lot of loving and time put into her, But in time will be a lovely little dog, She is frigthened of people because she has only even known animals...
  9. animalmad34

    Daisy - Dachshund Mix - Age 1yr - Loving home wanted

    Daisy needs a loving home - She is a dachshund mix her mother was full dachshund, She is a lovely girl but was only used to being with animals and so is frightened of humans but she is slowly coming around, Not great with men but after i rescued her i had a 4hr drive and after 2 hrs she was...
  10. animalmad34

    Jack - Alsatian Mix -4mths Old , Needs Loving home

    Jack is looking for a loving home - Alsatian Mix ,He is around 4-5mths old but is very underweight and needs lots of tlc He is a little cracker really with real spirit and just loves people and other dogs and not bothered by cats either. He is in foster with another dog now and is doing well...
  11. Serdar

    Bodrum:Golden Mix needs home

    Another Golden. Who knows ? Maybe there is someone out there who thinks they have missed a chance by not adopting Ang's Bobby. He is a dumped Golden Retriever mix, in Bodrum. He had some problems with his fur but ok now. Never forgets to thank for even a small piece of bread. Lovely personality...
  12. barry budd

    ready mix

    could someone translate the Turkish for (sand & cement ready mix in bags):hmm:, i understand ondula sell this item ,but i don't no the equivalent in Turkish
  13. Susan

    Pickling vinegar Spice Mix

    Pickling vinegar Spice Mix INGREDIENTS 2.5 pints vinegar (brown malt is best) Whole Black Peppercorns 2 tsp Whole Cloves 6 pieces Whole Coriander seeds 2 tsp Whole Cumin Seeds ½ tsp Whole Mustard seeds 2 tsp ½ Whole Nutmeg 2 gloves of Garlic crushed and pealed 3 dried chillies (or 1 med...
  14. O

    Eurovision mix up

    Shouldn't the UK entry - Touch My Fire - sung by Javine;in fact be the Turkish entry[?][?] The song sounds just as Turkish as any Turkish pop song that you hear when in Turkey!!! I wonder if the Turkish entry has a British sound(whatever that might be)[?][:p]
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