1. S

    Double Glazing- misty

    A few panes in the conservatory have ended up with mist/ condensation inside them. I have trawled and trawled the net and keep getting totally contradictory opinions as to wether the complete units with glass need to be replaced or if there is some way of remedying this problem Anyone any...
  2. Tommie

    Misty fans

    Has anyone seen or used a misty fan? These are about the size of a normal fan but have a water reservoir at the bottom so it can throw out mist if requred. They seem ideal in this hot weather. Not sure if it's a good idea to use tap water, though. The ones I have seen are remote controlled.
  3. Rainbow

    Mr Misty is home!

    I heard a terrible yowling outside my front door. I went to investigate and there was Mr. Misty :) He is very hungry but otherwise OK. I guess he,s either been locked in somewhere or maybe was taken away and has found his way home. I do feel for the owners of the cat that was killed though...
  4. maggie

    Mr Misty

    Just learnt that dear Rainbow Soo,s Mr Misty is in kitty heaven, R.I.P. Mr Misty and hugs to Soo. Maggie xxx
  5. v6cod

    Misty mornings and sunsets

    Oh how I wish I was back there.
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