1. S

    I miss Turkey

    Cannot believe I am missing my old stomping ground so much Def booking one of the fast diminishing flights available to Dalaman for a return to beloved Uzumlu
  2. bickern

    Happy Birthday Miss Money Penny

    Happy Birthday Miss Money Penny
  3. S

    Things I will miss

    Having sold up and moved on earlier this year there will be certain things I miss about ole Turkey Turkish friends-brilliant sense of humour, kindness of people esp English and Turks, trust shown by locals, acceptance into such a different culture/religious way of life, food, sweet desserts...
  4. Sunny Seasider

    Happy Birthday Miss Moneypenny

    Here's wishing you have a Happy Birthday Pat, hope you are enjoying life in Greece.:) :cheers:
  5. Jaycey

    Dubai apartments for sale – too good to miss!

    . ……………. Skyscraper with Rotating Floors ... a modern marvel of architectural design. Skyscraper With Rotating Floors
  6. C

    Miss Yalikavak

    We sold our holiday home in November and as I sit hear in Dublin looking out at the misty rain and checking the weather in Yalikavak I’m feeling a bit sad. It’s around this time each year I would be installed getting the place ready for the summer season. I would like take this opportunity...
  7. R

    DO NOT MISS!!! Çiğköfte Cooking Class!!! Come, cook and taste!

    DO NOT MISS!!! Çiğköfte Cooking Class!!! Come, cook and taste! The Lion Restaurant (Tosmur, Alanya) invites you to the Çiğköfte Cooking Class: - Learn how to make Traditional Turkish Çiğköfte - Learn the secrets of the Turkish Cuisine Place: The Lion Restaurant Date: 16 of March 2014, Sunday...
  8. Mojive

    Miss Money Penny HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    Happy Birthday:party: to you all the best,hope you have a lovely Birthday:roundgrin :474cu: Mo xx
  9. A

    Turkey survival gift pack: What might a Canadian miss in Turkey?

    Hello! I hope I'm posting this in the right place! My brother is going to Turkey for 8 months, and I want to get him a "Turkey survival pack" as a gift. I'm trying to think of things that might be hard for him to find in Turkey, that he might miss from home when he's there. Can anyone help me...
  10. Ian2006

    SGK - if you miss 2 or 3 payments?

    Hi - we are likely to be in the UK for 3 months in the New Year - does anyone know what officially happens - do you just pay up the amount owed on your next payment? Many thanks
  11. R

    Turkey InterCulture Magazine: Do not miss the first issue!

    Dear Friends! NEW! Do not miss the first issue of Turkey InterCulture Magazine!!!! Be the first to read! Paper issue of Turkey InterCulture Magazine you can get in Mahmutlar at The International Culture Center Library. Library address: Menderes Bulvari, Apayalin Ismerkezi. Entrance on the...
  12. S

    What I miss

    Whilst I am not a Res, just a tourist and have only been here a few months I charge you now I would drop kick a new born through a desk fan for a pk pickled onion crisps, pt of Irish guinness and a marksies chicken kiev.
  13. C

    What do you miss from England?

    What do you all miss from England the most? Also has anybody ever found self raising flour??
  14. mollag

    Miss Wet t shirt winner

    En vacker ung flicka :w00t:
  15. Firefox

    Miss England Afghan

    The next Miss England is an Afghan Refugee. Is England running out of Girls?? Afghan refugee’s Miss England bid | The Sun |News
  16. ZiaCa'

    Anyone Miss Work?!

    Well it's Monday morning and it's probably a fairly depressing day for many people having to get up and go to work after a weekend of 'freedom'! However one of the things I miss living in Turkey is being able to work. I run a small business in the UK which does keep me fairly occupied on the...
  17. Mojive

    Happy Birthday Miss Money Penny:-)

    Happy Birthday Miss Money Penny..Its your day:party: Have a good one!!!!! :474cu: Mo xx
  18. SonnyJim

    Introducing Miss Mollie Mop!!

    I can't believe this has happened. Mollie was owned by a young Turkish man who rented a room in the building next to us. Several days ago I realised he has gone and left Mollie behind. In the summer he refused to get her neutered because he wanted her to have puppies (it makes me so angry)...
  19. scotssteve

    Something I won't miss!

    BBC News - Salt stockpiled ready for winter roads Want to bet they will still run out? After two winters where we exceeded 20" of snow outside the garage - I can honestly say that (white christmas excepted) - I will not miss the chaos caused by the weather back home. Not that its rare -so it...
  20. S

    What you miss

    I head back to Ireland at the end of next month after a 5 month visit here Its got me looking forward to a few wee things I missed -definetely decent chocolate, pick onion crisps, my rabbit and some tv progs Apart from friends and family what do you long term or indeed permanent residents miss
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