Miserable oul gitt

    This forum does indeed give me endless hours of amusement and craic. But of all the characters and cranks that pop up here its the miserable oul gitts that bring the biggest smile to my face. Probably I am not old enough to fit the bill..more like a trainee, but when the true masters of this art...
  2. arrian

    women get more miserable....

    as they get older!!!!!! and men get happier! my theory is because the men are under their feet, or else playing golf or similar, while the woman STILL do the cooking and cleaning!!! Why women get more miserable with age | Mail Online :behindsof
  3. millilove76

    A miserable old sod!

    I'm not exactly sure what forum to post this but decided it could go here so i can have a rant. I have just booked a flight back to Turkey for a week as it was a good deal and my boys can see their dad after 6 weeks apart. However my 13 year old daughter wont be coming due to what occured on the...
  4. B

    Miserable sods!!!

    Who do you think is the most miserable bugger in Altinkum? after a fun packed day paying bills and shopping i have two candidates the fat miserable faced bugger who throws your bill at you in the tedas, closely followed by the girl on the bread counter at carrefour who has this wonderfull knack...
  5. no-nem

    Miserable in Migros.

    Working in Fethiye recently, we had our lunch in Migros. How miserable the Brits looked! One complained about the price of beer, one was having a go at the checkout about something, and the rest just looked as though death was just round the corner. Come on everyone cheer up, You have a...
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