1. V

    Bathroom mirrors

    Anywhere near Side where I can buy bathroom wall mirrors at a reasonable price? Thanks Jacqui
  2. D

    Mirror shops

    Hi just wondered if anyone can help. we purchased a property in olive gardens in akbuk last june, and we cannot find any mirror shops anywhere, we are new to this so can any one help 5 sad ladies without a mirror (lol) thanks.:19:
  3. YogiPJ

    Mirrors Wanted

    Mirror's Wanted :-) Hi Does anybody have any unwanted Mirror's? The larger the better but any size would be great too. Many thanks
  4. smithy

    where to buy wall mirrors in Bodrum

    I'm going over to Bodrum in 2 weeks time and i was wondering if anyone could tell me where i could buy a large wall mirror. I'm not wanting a framed mirror, just a large cut to size one. My apartment is in Konacik and i will only be over there for 1 week so it would be a great help if anyone...
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