1. christella

    free 60 mins credit skype

    Free Skype internet calls and cheap calls to phones online. Microsoft | MSN Tech & Gadgets UK click on above
  2. jewel

    My lovely Dad's 5 mins of fame !!!!

    Well what a day !!!!! this morning my lovely Dad sat with David Cameron at the side of his hospital bed in Blackpool Victoria Hospital, he featured on Granada reports,ITV and BBC.....he also did a bedside radio interview with Radio Lancashire. He was sooooo chuffed and was the hospitals...
  3. Andy

    Chinese in 5 mins

    How to learn basic chinese in 5 minutes :-) Apoligies for the language!! (MUST READ OUT LOUD) 1 That's not right Sum Ting Wong 2 Are you harbouring a fugitive? Hu Yu Hai Ding 3 See me ASAP Kum Hia 4 5 Small Horse Tai Ni Po Ni...
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