1. V

    Google home mini

    Hi all....anyone know if this works in Turkey? Normally use it with Spotify and tune in radio and wondered if purchased in the UK it will work over there Thanks!
  2. IbrahimAbi

    Well stocked Mini Bar

    I think there are a few errors in the article but the story made me think, 'A total of 64,540 kilograms of gold bars were seized in a coach on Jan. 21 in the Marmara province of Bolu'. Over 64 kilograms of gold bars seized in coach in Turkey?s Bolu Come to think of it Yalimart has been quiet...
  3. Harem

    Ipad mini help

    For some unknown reason my Ipad mini has decided to to into private mode, which means every time I use an app, TLF for example, I have to log in afresh. Help, please to get back to normal. Thank you. I googled it and have managed to do it, thanks.
  4. Number6

    Mini HIFI

    Anyone know of a online shop that sells Mini HIFI systems?
  5. hayabusa

    Mini Bus for Hire

    Looking at a few turkish rental companies, there are not many that have a Mini bus on hire. I am looking for one that carries around 7 to 8 people. Anyone out there has had to hire this type of vehicle ?....., who can give me some details to hire ?.....
  6. T

    Police and demonstrators clash in High Road, Wood Green 'mini riot'

    Police and demonstrators clashed after a "mini riot" broke out in a busy high street. Members of the Kurdish community clashed with demonstrators at an Islamic Roadshow stall in High Road, Wood Green, yesterday at around 5pm. Police were called to the town cente as arguments broke out between...
  7. hayabusa

    Mini Bus Hire

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can hire a Mini Bus for 2 weeks to hire from Dlaaman Airport and return to Dalaman airport. I need to take around 9 people to show around the coast of Turkey.
  8. Z

    We have a Mini Market

    or will have in a few weeks. A really pleasant Turkish/German lad called Halit is already fitting out what was the store room next to the Restaurant and has big plans for providing the needs of owners and guests on the complex. He has already secured a deal with a local water supplier and offers...
  9. R

    Apple Mac Mini

    My son gave me his Apple mini i don't know what my husband has done but i cant get it out of power saving mode can anyone help me with this a simple way thanks Roz xx:20:
  10. R

    Mini Camcorder Advice

    Hello my current camcorder is about 15 years old and pretty crap now with a bad quality picture and the size of a house brick( and same weight). As the prices have come down so much over the years and the size of them has shrunk I want a new one. I like the mini style ones which are not much...
  11. ZiaCa'

    Charity Second Hand Mini Market in Calis

    Not sure if many members are aware of a Children's Charity called 'Embrace' (which is a registered charity). They run a smallish second hand market outside Dennis the Menace Bar/Cafe' along the Calis seafront every Wednesday from 11am to 1pm. The charity raises funds to support childrens' needs...
  12. Bubskar

    Wanted mini break accommodation

    Wanted : This lady needs a 4 day mini break while there is opportunity in work schedule. I am looking for a place where I can sit and read a book for 3 days, use a swimming pool, not have to talk to anyone (Im not unsociable but want to totally chill out) and preferably child free. I have been...
  13. Bubskar

    Mini Break Kemer

    I want to go to Kemer for a weekend or mini-break. I have been looking at hotels but they all seem to be big all-inclusives. I am just looking for a quiet place to chill. I need to be near the centre also. Any suggestions or recommendations? An apartment to rent for a couple of days would...
  14. C

    The mini bar voters poll in Fethiye- does it show the way?

    As you will have all voted by now..what will this result look like in retrospect? Defying pre-election predictions and opinion polls, Britain’s governing Labour Party secured an astonishing victory in a closely fought general election held Tuesday. At least among a handful of expatriate...
  15. J

    mini bus hire

    There was an article in The Sun yesterday regarding vehicle hire abroad, apparently from May vehicles with more than 8 seats including the driver will not be available for hire. We have hired a 10 seater van on many occasions and have got one booked this summer, I have emailed the company as we...
  16. turkishturkish

    Mini Stories with Audio for the Turkish Learner

  17. turkishturkish

    How a mini story lesson work in learning to speak Turkish?

  18. zozatky

    Mini Cruises out of Kusadasi

    Has any forum members out there know of short mini cruises around the Turkish coast ..!!
  19. the sausage king

    It was just a mini marketing exercise and a little fun

    Well i did not ask anyone to go to my website I did not ask anyone to buy from me i did not put a telephone number down No i did not put an email I put a link to a quiz I even said it was about me, it could have been about Turkey, well in a way it could have given participants information...
  20. L

    sinbo mini bullet

    :504xn: Hi just went and bought the little mini bullet in Kipa for thirty lira .There great for making shakes , soups, fruit juice, sauces ,and cakes. The list goes on.I seen this advertised few yrs back really expensive but now for thirty lira cant grumble.Ive already made milk shake and fruit...
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