1. K

    Mine Tragedy?

    Here's hoping these miners will be safe. . . Mine collapses in Siberia leaving 150 people trapped | Daily Star
  2. ibrahimwoah

    So being a pilot is a dream job of mine...

    However, I'm getting put off by all the cons of being one. Like how exhausted the pilot is allowed to be (working up to 16 hour shifts) and how you carry less fuel than you're comfortable with! Would Turkish Airlines be a good option for me? Do they offer reasonable rest periods. How's the...
  3. tykatem

    Another mine collapse

    At least one worker was killed while two others injured in a coal mine collapse in northern Turkish province of zonguldak, notorious for its mines that rarely meet work safety conditions. On Tuesday, the mine that operates under TTK Armutçuk Facilities Directorate in Kandilli neighborhood...
  4. T

    No investigation for Soma mine disaster

    According to this article Gross negligence led to Soma mine disaster. Expert report: Gross negligence led to Soma mine disaster This article states Turkey mine disaster: 24 people held on suspicion of negligence Turkey mine disaster: 24 people held on suspicion of negligence | World news |...
  5. bal canavar

    Soma Mine Disaster - Criminal charges filed

    A criminal complaint has been filed for the alleged crime of Voluntary manslaughter and criminal negligence in relation to the Soma mine disaster. The suspects in the complaint include the present PM Recep Tayip Erdogan , and mine owner CEO Alp Gurken. It was filed SOMAS prosecuter's office...
  6. S

    Mine Disaster-will it have profound change

    With the extraordinary/bizarre/disgraceful reaction by some in Govt circles to this horrific event, will it change the political landscape? Is it a crunch/watershed moment for Turkeys political direction My own guess is not at all
  7. Spurs

    Coal mine blast in Turkey

    Rescue attempts are on going. BBC News - Turkey mine blast 'traps hundreds'
  8. altinkum kev

    WW1 mine removed.

    They removed a WW1 mine today from the sea just off 3rd beach,it was reported a few days ago and the army etc have inspected and removed it today.
  9. V

    £5million is mine!

    In case people miss my postings (or not!) just to let you all know I will shortly be inheriting around £5 million through a trustworthy Turkish lawyer and may not have a good internet conection in my new mansion in Barbados. Attorney Ahmet Deniz Oymak has kindly emailed me to ask me for...
  10. northpole

    Unrenovated Property For sale in Bulgaria

    Fancy talking about this unrenovated property of mine.l was going to turn it into a natures wildlife lodge with caravans and chalets on the hill.But due to the distance from where l am now residing.l have lost interest in the project. Here is the video Video - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo...
  11. Mushtaq

    I'll show you mine, you show me yours

    Picture of our little cat CoCo, a right pain in the **** but we love her, she is about 9 months old and still hyper as ever. A right little madam, hence the name (after the perfume) How about posting pictures of your pets with a little biography, could be a fun thread?
  12. arrian

    Peggys' Mine!!

    Peggy's Mine: Coal extracted from the back garden of a semi-detached house | Mail Online
  13. arrian

    Turkish mine blast

    'Up to 25 workers missing' after Turkish mine blast - Yahoo! News UK
  14. ceemac

    17 Killed In Turkish Coal Mine Blast

    A methane explosion in a Turkish coal mine killed 17 miners, the governor of Turkey's northwestern Balikesir province said. Turkey's state-run news agency says the workers were killed as a methane gas explosion caused the collapse of an underground chamber in the mine. The Anatolia news...
  15. J

    Anyone know Yadigar or Mine Kas? (possibly Kus)

    Bahcelievler, Summer of 1988
  16. lorraine

    Someday this will be MINE!!!

    ok probably in my dreams!!! Anyone got next weeks lottery numbers?! This is a house I spied in Kayakoy at the weekend, it is not forsale (well not until I get six numbers)! Goodness knows how much it would be. I was approached last night by someone thinking I was a tourist, and asked if...
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