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    Millitary permission

    Does anyone know the current cost of Millitary Permission? Thanks.
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    Millitary permission

    I am in the process of buying an apartment in Royal Valley, Gumusluk and have been waiting for Millitary Permission to complete the purchase. Does anyone know if it is absolutely necessary to have this before completion. Both myself and the seller (who is British) are fed up of waiting - 9...
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    TAPU!! Millitary clearance IZMIR OFFICE

    :) :) hi my partner and i and four other couples who have paid for our properties to be built in kalkan. Which were compleated two years ago now have been told by the builder /owner that all the paperwork has now been sent to the IZMIR office to get the millitary clearance we need to get our...
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    millitary check ???

    :pressie: hi can anyone tell me once the relevant papers have been sent to IZMIR how long does it take the millitary to finalize the clearance cheers and thanks again :307bt:
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