1. juco

    Water snake at Miletus

    Meant to post this a while back, I saw several of these swimming in the water at the back of Miletus amphitheater. I am not quite sure but I think its called a ring backed water snake and apparently not poisonous, I kept well away though.
  2. A

    Is Miletus on a dolmus route?

    I am looking to get there from Akbuk or Didim. I know where it is (near Akkoy) and have been there before by car. But now looking if I can get to the theatre by bus.
  3. shirleyanntr


    Of all the ruined cities along the Aegean , Miletus has to be the most evocative of a sad past. İn its hey-day it was affluent and famous for the amount of scholars and schools of philosophy that flourished there. Once one of the largest and most affluent of the İonian cities along that part...
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