1. Yalides


    Can anyone advise a decent hotel/pension in the Miletos area say within 20KM. Thanks in advance.
  2. L

    miletos hotel -- details needed please

    Hi Altinkum . Can anyone please find the e mail address and telephone number of the Miletos Hotel in Altinkum for me. Many thanks Linda
  3. Ms Who

    The Miletos Dog

    Went to Miletos for a drive last week and while wandering around, we came across a young mum and her pups living in its ancient walls. One of them tried to follow me out and I was really tempted to take it home! Went back there yesterday to see how they were getting on and found them happily...
  4. Pygmallion

    Ancient city of Miletos is a cattle haven

    Museum closed to tourists, mosque open to shepherds The ancient city of Miletos, near Didyma (Didim) and one of the twelve Greek cities of the ancient ─░onian confederacy, has a museum that used to be visited by about a million tourists annually but was locked up five years ago, reported the...
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