1. S

    Milas to Dalaman Airport

    Can anyone please advise as to public transport options available for this journey - if any. Thanks
  2. S

    Bus Dalyan to Milas

    Can anyone please advise as to bus arrangements for travel from Dalyan to Milas . Thanks

    Bodrum Milas airport in winter

    Are there any flights into and out of the International terminal of Bodrum airport in December, January and February? I would like to fly to Europe without having to first fly to Istanbul.
  4. L

    Service bus Milas to BJV.

    Is there a service bus/coach from Milas autogar to Bodrum airport and does anyone know the time of a dolmus to Milas from Akbuk at 9 or 10 in the morning.
  5. L

    Milas to BJV.

    Is there a service bus or dolmus from Milas to Bodrum airport.
  6. D

    Paying Milas council tax

    Hi can anyone help me get into the web site. Is there an english version as I have the turkish link and its all in Turkish and unfortunately my turkish is non existent!!!! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. janA

    Villages near Milas Bodrum in rabies scare

    Actual: Mu?la 12 villages rabies scare 12 Villages have been quarantined near Milas after a rabid fox was caught by a shepherd dog and has since died
  8. A

    Akbuk to Milas transfers

    Hi I have checked the thread about transfers but I would like a personal recommendation as its for my daughters friend, she will be travelling back alone so you will understand the reason I want to be extra careful.
  9. O

    Milas to Yatağan Road

    Does anyone know the current state of this road? We remember that, last year, it was a dirt track in places.:car:
  10. culturevulture

    Milas to Didim??

    Can anyone give me a website or any info in getting from Milas to Didim by bus, please? Mary.
  11. suecheshireuk

    Milas to Mugla road

    We are off to Fethiye next month and just wondering what the road is like now. The last time we went that way the road was terrible, has anyone passed that way recently, we will be traveling from Akbuk. Thanks alot. Sue xx

    residence permit application in Milas,help required.

    We have some friends who live at Dortte Tepe with a post code of Milas not Bodrum,so they have to go to Milas tomorrow to get an R/P. Can anyone here tell me where the various offices & polis station are & where to pay the fees . Also if you have renewed your R/P recently what paperwork is...
  13. J

    Dolmus to Milas

    Does anyone know what the current times fro the Dolmus from Akbuk to Milas are? thanks
  14. C

    Bad fire at Milas

    The smoke over Bodrum this morning may have been from the fire that is still going, apparently just outside Milas- it seems to be towards the airport but in that lovely old forest on the hills and the back road/ Iassos road. It has burnt for 9 hours (?) and 30 hecatares. Has anyone seen it...
  15. E

    Bodrium Termal Tatil Loyu Mugla Milas Bodrum

    Anyone know about this complex :fish2:etc?
  16. C

    Roadworks Milas - Mugla road

    The Roadworks on the Milas- Yatagan road are continuing all summer. Wednesday August 10, the road will be closed for blasting works from 2-5pm. Hope nobody gets caught on the road with this, because you will just have to sit and wait. ** Muğla Valiliği’nden yapılan açıklamaya göre...
  17. T

    Paying Milas council tax online

    After a few attempts I have worked out how to get a userid and password for Milas Council. This allows me to pay my council tax online. If anyone is interested then pm me with your email address and I'll send you the details. Hope this is useful to someone.
  18. Simon in Becin

    Paying council tax online

    We have been paying our clients council tax using the Milas Council online system. Previously it has been in Turkish, but now, good news, it is now available in English. There seems to be a few issues with the website which we are looking into, but this is a safe and convenient way to pay. I...
  19. B

    Milas Belideye

    I have to go to the belideye to register my property, im told Tuzla comes under Milas anyone know where the office is?
  20. Yogi

    Akbuk - Milas Dolmus

    I believe this is the Dolmus that runs up the hill and past quiite a few developments, mine included (M.Pyramids). Does anyone know the times it runs or how we find out? I did ask a driver at Akbuk bus station and discovered that it leaves there at 12:00, 14:00 & 17:00 but it must run before...
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