1. M

    Mike's DIY tips (part two) Ironing

    Ironing. Yes we all hate it. Some people can be quite particular about what water goes into their brand new super (suposedly) scale free steam Iron. Some people just put normal tap water in, some use boiled water from the kettle. But sometimes the old Iron gives a nasty scale discharge all...
  2. M

    Mike's DIY tips (part one)

    Not sure if there will be any other parts yest, but hope so. Anyway, that dilema, your better half spots a nice metal framed semi-ornate set of free standing shelves in Ikea The ones that are in the bathroom section, 4 glass shelves and two bottom metal shelves. But they only come in black...
  3. O

    Mark from Oxford

    Hi Im Mark, and im 35 and from Oxford. Bought a property in Altinkum 5 years ago, and had a few holidays there, but now i think its time to live my life in the sun, and make the move. I would love anyone who has good advice, anyone who has a business links, or suggestions, and anyone who can be...
  4. M

    Mike L - Visit

    Hi All, just a short note to say that Sandra and I will be on holiday at Ilica Park from the 6th July for 2 weeks and we were wondering if anyone else will be there over during that period. If yes please give us a knock - K3.
  5. M

    Introducing Mikehibb (Mike Hibbert)

    Hello all, We have been visiting Turkey for the last 10 years. Last year we bought a place in Yalikavak, also moved our boat there. Still waiting for the infamous TAPU, still confused about buying a car in Turkey. Even more confused about can I ride a scooter on british car driving licence...
  6. M

    magsand mike

    hi just like to say hello My husband and i have been living in Altinkum for 3 years now and just love it
  7. GnD

    Happy Birthday Mike Xx

    Hi Mike and Hilary, Will raise a glass (probably a mug of coffee as its a Monday) to you to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY :pressie: I spotted the "todays birthdays which list you Mike!" ....have a great time you two. Debbie & family Xx
  8. madturkishcow

    Welcome Mike!

    Another very warm welcome to our newest member Mike Bailey :lol: Welcome to our wacky,wonderful mad house, also known as Turkish Living Forum. Lots of our members have properties here and some lucky so and so's even live here, or rather I should say there! :kafa: Feel free to have a nosey...
  9. F

    Di and Mike return from Altinkum

    :D[8D] Hi folks Mick and myself returned from THE SUN on Sunday via Istanbul. If you need any news from Altinkum let us know. Joined the website again while up in Didim. Sooooooo interesting to be there just ahead of season (although it was supposed to have begun!!!!!) Saw our Donna at the...
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