1. hijo

    Discount on pet food at Migros

    ...... 30 % discount on pet food in Migro,s ......
  2. Leo


    With some trepidation as I feel a bit of a plonker: Having owned my place in turkey for more that 8 years and having been a somewhat regular shopper at Migros, I need to ask what the flipping heck use or value is their in a Migros card ? I am asked for and duly supply each time I reach the...
  3. V

    Migros to buy Kipa

    Talks are underway for Migros to buy loss making Kipa - part of the Tesco Group. Tesco in talks with Migros for sale of Turkish subsidiary Kipa - Daily Sabah
  4. P

    Be aware - Migros Dalyan

    WARNING everybody! Just been to Migros Dalyan and all of their frozen food has completely defrosted. Soggy everything. Pizza's, fish, vegetables, chips everything. Spoke to the manager and he said it will be OK and they will get it fixed later then it will all freeze again. Tried to explain that...
  5. S

    Migros more questions

    We will be staying nearby mesudiye without a car. Does anyone know if the big migros in Datca does a delivery service? Eg if we come in buy a large amount of shopping would they deliver and if so how much. Otherwise how much roughly would a taxi be from migros to mesudiye? Thanks
  6. D

    How far away is Migros from the town quay?

    Is it walking distance, or do we need a taxi? Is it easy to get a taxi?
  7. Rabbitman

    Migros card usage

    Hi to all, We have at least two Migros cards that we have purchased on recent visits, but can't seem to work out what to do with them! They seem to allow you to purchase some goods on offer at a discounted price, do you also get 'points' with them on your general spend (a bit like a loyalty...
  8. A

    Wanted Local cleaner - Near Migros Altinkum

    Can anyone recommend a local cleaner for my apartment at Sunrise (ASEM)? It is a two bedroom place. I did use am ASEM cleaner before and the cleaning wasn't to UK standards!!!! I am looking for someone I can really trust as I need to rent out my apartment so I can afford to have a holiday...
  9. paddington bear

    New Migros

    The new Migros in the shopping centre next to the Red Lion will be open within the next couple of days, they were stacking the shelves this morning. I can't understand why they have set up shop there as there is a new Carrefour just opened up across the road from there and a Migros store within...
  10. S

    Royal Heights Spa & Migros Delivery

    Hi, Does anyone know the contact details for the Royal Heights Spa? (Email address). Need to book some treatments in advance. Has the management changed again this year? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Also, we are hoping to order groceries online and get them delivered on the...
  11. S


    Hi all, Was wondering what was being built between the fox pub and the red lion pub and across the road. The reason I ask is because we were out early last year and the rumour was that it was a migros. Cheers Mark
  12. suzyq

    40% off Dog and Cat Food Migros

    Just been in to Migros in Cesme and they are selling Dog and Cat food including treats for 40% off. The only thing I forgot to ask was how long the offer was on for. :(
  13. A

    Migros at Gumusluk

    Hello. Can anyone tell me where the new Migros is at Gumusluk. I will be coming from Bodrum via Derekoy. Thanks in advance,Derek.
  14. Helenm150

    Half Price Dog and Cat Food - Migros

    Hi all, I noticed today that Migros currently have a half price promotion on big bags of cat and dog food - from memory, 32TL instead of 64TL - with free delivery. I believe the offer is valid for 4 days. Helen :director:
  15. C

    I need something from MIGROS to send to Germany !!

    Hello folks, we were in Antalya two weeks ago and had a great time. Is there somebody who can send me something from Antalya's Migros Shooping Center to Germany via mail? Maybe someone who works at Migros??!! The cost to buy it at Migros ist only about 5 EUR (10 TLR) and I will pay in...
  16. Q

    Credit card question

    So I have a MasterCard which is nice because it doesn't charge exchange or transaction fees, and that I use when I can, including for most hotels. However here in Samsun I had it rejected at two different hotels, after which I got in touch with the company, who says that there's no log of it...
  17. N


    Hi what is the new Migros like that has been built in Koyunbaba/Mevkii/ Gumsluck? Does it sell the same variety of items as Turgutries! And does anyone know if you can get orange or blackcurrant squash as we have 2 18 month old girls and my daughter does not want to give them pure fruit...
  18. C

    Antalya Otogar to Migros shopping centre

    Hi all, I was just wondering how far it is from the otogar in antalya to the migros shopping center? Thanks! Cici
  19. J

    Migros Side

    Will be living in Evrenseki on my vacation and would like to know if it is possible to take the Dolmus fr.o.m. Evrenseki or Kumköy to Migros in Side (on A400 close to Side)? Could I trust Taxi?:car:
  20. N

    New Migros

    Just to let you know that work started today on the long awaited Migros supermarket which will be located opposite the Turquoise site entrance at the mini roundabout.
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