1. christella

    midnight express

    i have just installed kodi on my tv and watched midnight express i watched it about 50 years ago always wanted to see it again set in turkey well worth watching i liked the part when in court it was said trouble with turkey what is legal today is illegal tomorrow so true On October 6, 1970...
  2. T

    Midnight Express - 40 years on

    Just watching this on Film4 for the 1st time - It has me thinking............ Has Turkey's legal system changed much in the last 40 years? If so, how? The film is about half way through & so far I can't see where they have moved on from the scenario's that are depicted :(
  3. ceemac

    Midnight Express

    I'm putting this in the members only area as I don't want to insult or cause offence to anyone unnecessarily. The reasons I'm posting this is I watched the film again quite recently, and Martyn's death penalty thread has a few posts that reminded me of prison issues. It's just over 30 years...
  4. P

    Free flights on Ryanair if booked before midnight tomorrow

    Not sure what the tale is here but a friend of ours has just booked flights for 2 free to rome in October . They were free. ?? she is now looking for accomodation. It might be worth checking out?
  5. shirleyanntr

    ''midnight express'' man allowed into Turkey

    'Midnight Express' man returns to Turkey to mend fences Monday, June 18, 2007 Billy Hayes, the American whose ordeal in a Turkish jail provided the basis for the 1978 classic "Midnight Express," has returned to Turkey in a bid to mend fences over the damage the movie caused to the country's...
  6. P

    Cheap flights book by Tuesday midnight

    Just received this by email. http://www.thomsonfly.com/en/index.html Some cheap flights to Bodrum, Dalaman and Antalya but need tobe booked by midnight Tuesday.
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