1. V

    East Midlands Airport to Bodrum 2016 ???

    Looks like the 30% Thomas Cook cutback on flights to Turkey has happened at east midlands airport. Already booked a flight from this airport but when I went back onto the site this evening to check for any changes, it now shows no availability throughout summer 2016. Just waiting for...
  2. juco

    West Midlands police V CPS

    Now lets see who sues who for wasting police time....
  3. Tommie

    East Midlands Trains drivers' strike

    Note that East Midlands trains drivers may be on strike on the 3rd May. This will affect you if you are travelling to/from Luton or East Midlands airports. They were on strike yesterday. East Midlands does not look too bad but I can't see any trains scheduled for Luton. BBC News - East...
  4. amanda b

    East Midlands Airport to Sheffield

    Flying into East Midlands this Wednesday (5th) but have never been there before. There doesnt seem to be a direct rail link. Does anyone know the best way to get from there to Sheffield?? Thanks
  5. H

    Flight for Sale Bodrum to East Midlands

    Hi everyone, I have a flight for sale do to unforeseen circumstances. Its with Aegean Flights - 16th October 2011 from Bodrum to East Midlands. Day time flight at 16:30 for 2 persons with 1 x 15kg hand luggage included. Price is £140 (that is for 2 people) including the name change. Any...
  6. L

    East Midlands 11th April

    Is anyone else on the East Mids to Bodrum fight 11th April leaving at 19.10 and fancies meeting up in the bar. I'm travelling alone and would appreciate company
  7. M

    2 one-way tickets Bodrum to E. Midlands for sale

    Departing Bodrum on 19th Oct 2010 Flight TCX944L - Departs 1:55 Arrives 04:05 - Adult extras bundle and meals included. Original cost £310.00, reasonable offers considered. Please PM me if interested.
  8. qwerty

    Sunny Midlands

    Hello from The Sunny Midlands!!! I've been lurking for months now, and enjoying lots of threads. I'm Susan, married to a Turk (now referred to as OH). Got 2 kids (who don't speak Turkish). Got a house on a site near Dalaman. Lived in Istanbul for 3 years, and we're thinking of going back...
  9. R

    WOW!! Cheap flights from East Midlands

    Whilst searching for flights from Manchester to Bodrum I found flights from East Midlands on 4th or 11th July 2010 for 14 days for £44.50 return inclusive of luggage. No good for us as we need to go around 23rd/24th but would have gladly driven to East Midlands airport instead of Manchester for...
  10. J

    ticket for sale from east midlands to bodrum

    i have 1 ticket for sale to fly on the 26th july till 23rd august the flight is on a sunday, my nephew is no longer able to come away with us so i would be willing to take £250 for this i originally paid £600 for this ticket. Thanks
  11. Martyn

    Parking East Midlands Airport

    Can anyone recommend some cheap airport parking for East Midlands airport? I've never been to the airport before so before I start Googling someone might have some information. Thanks
  12. no-nem

    E. Midlands flights?

    Among all you regular flight searchers, does anybody know if it is poss. to fly to E midlands airport in Winter from any of the Aegean/Med airports? I need to go and get drunk with my son on his 18th. 1st March.
  13. L

    New member from the Midlands

    Hello all. We are Laki, Lisa, and little Kitty. Just joined TLF, and enjoying it. Have booked up to go to Altinkum next August, just wish we can find something to buy whilst we are out there. Tinky must have changed since the last time we were there (will be 6 years, due to the world keeping us...
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