1. S

    Micro chipping people

    The idea of using this for all Tlf members has been raised at a recent Tlf Mods cyber security conference Wisconsin company Three Square Market to microchip employees - BBC News
  2. pepperkat

    micro 3g payg sim card for ipad

    Hi! I can`t see any references to this previous. Can anyone tell me if Turkcell, Vodaphone, avea, do a micro 3g sim card on payg for ipads? I know I can get Wi fi but there are times when I don`t want to go down into bodrum , to a Wi fi cafe to make a connection . I hope you are all nice & warm...
  3. immac

    Micro Turbines

    From ZAMAN: Micro turbines to generate electricity for households It is now possible to generate electricity using small rivers and even shallow brooks thanks to the brand new micro turbines developed and produced by Turkish Electromechanics Industry (TEMSAN). TEMSAN, committed to...
  4. lorraine

    Micro light boats Olu Deniz

    Olu Deniz Beach. Micro lighting by sea, this has been a favourite of many tourist for the past few years, I think it is a bit expensive £55 I timed the take off and landing of one and it was 16 minutes, for this price would have expected at least half an hour or more. Looks fun all the same...
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