1. V

    Shopping in Metro

    I believe that you need a card to shop in Metro. Does anyone know if you can get one of these in store? We are going to be in Alanya tomorrow & I have seen a water heater on their website that I was hoping to get.
  2. bal canavar

    Russian Metro Explosions

    St Petersburg metro explosions: 10 dead and 20 injured after after bombs filled with shrapnel explode on Russian subway system Horrific images from the scene at Sennaya Ploshchad station show bloodied commuters lay on a platform St Petersburg metro explosions: At least 10 dead after blast on...
  3. P

    opening hours kipa & metro

    hi does anyone know what is the opeinh hours for kipa and metro on sunday
  4. immac

    Metro Cash&Carry

    A new Metro C&C has opened in Fethiye. Do you need a card to shop there (like UK C&Cs)? If so, how is it obtained? Ian
  5. beyazbayan

    İstanbul metro

    Spent a few days in İstanbul there are now guards on the metro. İ was pulled over and had my bags scanned. Also felt the security at Ataturk had been strengthened.
  6. beyazbayan

    İstanbul Metro

    Having spent six days in the city İ can now pass on my valuable observations on how to use the metro system. 1. Do not read any of the signs or instructions especially those on the card and jeton machines. Wait until it doesn't work then ask the nearest simitici how to operate it. 2. İgnore...
  7. T

    Metro Card

    For a 4 day trip how much lira does would you recommend ? Think its like a Oyster card. Thanks
  8. T


    We getting bus up from Marmaris to Istanbul , can we get Metro or bus passes in advance or were do we get them in Istanbul. The trip we intend to take is for about 3 day so how much lira will put on the card. Thanks
  9. I

    How do I get a Metro card

    Hi, Does anyone know how to go about getting a Metro card? D-:
  10. F

    Metro Car Rental

    Anyone got a mobile number of email address that isnt their info@..? Booked a car on Tuesday (for this Saturday), and still not had a confirmation email of the booking and emails asking for their confirmation have gone unread/ unanswered. Thanks, Jason
  11. perfect1949

    the price of a crate of efe's at metro

    bought a create yesterday and after your deposit it is now 68 TL a create , works out at 2.88 a bottle , still not bad but it as gone up 10 TL since last month . dave
  12. D

    Metro, terrible service

    Just to let people know [if you don't already] never never buy any electronic goods from metro in bodrum. We bought a PC tablet on Saturday, didn't try it until Sunday. It wouldn't connect to our wi-fi, tried it on the neighbours! still wouldn't work. So Monday took it back, to cut a long story...
  13. D

    Metro in bodrum & Man with a Van

    Hi there all, nice weather at the mo and topping up my tan is going very well indeed! I have a two bed here that is empty at the mo. Though coming along well now, as it is clean and I am in the process of painting a few walls, sorting out the very small garden etc... I am also waiting on...
  14. thingthong

    Beers available from METRO Bodrum

    I have a fussy beer drinker coming to stay with us in Bodrum in a few weeks,and I was wondering how many different beers are available to buy ,especially in Bodrum! If any one could find a link to their site with prices,that would be brillant. Many Thanks T.
  15. J

    Shopping in Metro Bodrum?

    Hi all--can anyone tell me if it's still possible to get a "day pass" to shop in Metro/makro in Konacik/Ortakent bodrum?? We have bought quite a few things for the apartment there in the past--and the odd few bottles of wine--but I seem to remember someone said you cannot shop there now on a...
  16. C

    Day pass at Metro

    Hi veryone, just thought I would let you all know Metro in Oba have stopped doing Day passes, we went today and couldn"t go in!! bit dissapointing after shopping there for 3 years, of course there is Kippa, and as far as I know you can only get a card if you are in a business or of course if you...
  17. M

    Metro turizm

    I have used them many times and I am very happy about them. Earlier I have always been in Turkey when I bought tickets, but this time I was considering buying them online. I will be travelling from Istanbul the same night as I arrive and will go straight to the otogar. If you buy the tickets...
  18. R


    :dooh: Urban rail networks in TURKEY ,GAZIPASA Airport and TURKISH TGV -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Merhaba , I'm Geography teacher in Paris ad I'mery interested in Urbanism, so if somebody could give a few simple iformations :it would be...
  19. barry budd


    i have a makro card in the UK, can i use it at metro being the same company - & is there any benefits shopping at metro with a membership card as to signing in for the day which i have done in the past
  20. Andy

    Metro Market

    I found this site posted by Marc last summer which might help others looking for white goods etc. Click on Non food for the white goods etc Andy
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