1. willip

    Aydem to replace old ele meters

    article in the Voices newspaper. ELECTRICAL company Aydem has announced plans to replace 13,000 old meters across Didim - free of charge.
  2. mollag

    Elecrtic meters

    Electric meters Does anyone know of a service agency for Kohler electrical meters in the Bodrum area please?
  3. LyndaW

    How often electric meters are read in Alanya?

    Does anyone now how often we get electric meter read in Alanya....I know it used to be every 2 months or has it changed to monthly Thanks Lynda
  4. C

    electricity meters

    Has anyone else experienced problems with their electricity meter generating extremely high readings which are not accounted for? We have been asked to pay for a new meter as ours was faulty and on checking our bank account it appears the electricity company have deducted funds according to the...
  5. L

    Pre-Pay Water Meters in Turkey

    I've just had my own water meter installed, but for the life of me I can't fathom out how it works!! The guy who fitted it didn't speak a word of English and my Turkish isn't good enough to understand him. Does anyone have an idiot's guide on how they work? Thanks, Lesley
  6. altinkum kev

    Prepaid water meters

    Within the next two weeks you will be able to top your payment cards up at the following supermarkets Pehlivanoğlu, Carrefour and Migros.
  7. L

    New water meters required

    Anyone living on Ozcelik sitesi will be required to get a new water meter (the one with the card.) The reason being that all the water meters on this site are considered to be over 10 years old, therefore, Ankara will give the household a fine of 1000 tl if they are not changed. The cost is...
  8. G

    Pre-Paid water meters

    Hi All, Just a quick question about the new pre-paid water meters...does anyone know how much water costs through these? Our new neighbours have just had one fitted, had 50tl credit put on it which apparently gives around 16 tons of water, in 2 days they have used 1.5 tons according to the...
  9. mollag

    water meters for dummies

    We are looking at a rental property in Gumusluk that has a card water meter, not being familiar so could anyone explain the method of where to buy, using and costings please.:confused:
  10. B

    Water Meters in Akbuk?

    Does anyone understand what this article means for Holiday Home owners in Akbuk? It seems to be about Water Meters and a £218 plus installation charge! Do you have to have them fitted? I was relying on "Google Translate" to understand the article before I go to work, and wondered if anyone on...
  11. tomc1984

    Water meters

    Anyone got a water meter, we had one installed recently, been using it for the first time this week and used 10 tonnes of water in 1 week, 50TL worth of water. There are 4 of us and showers, washing machine, dishwasher etc., do you think this is over excessive, how much do you use?
  12. W

    Water Meters

    Has anyone got information & costing on the new water meters being brought in, are they cheaper in the long run? :gathering
  13. D

    getting elec+water meters fitted

    does anyone know if and how you can get your own water elec meters fitted even if your complex has not got habitation cert we have got tapu but no hab cert yet and as i have heard many stories of builders not paying bills and apartment owners being hit with them i wanted to get my own...
  14. mrsed

    Electric & Water meters

    Sorry if I'm going over old ground but can anyone tell me how we can get our own meters, we are still on builders rate at our complex(-Viva Mar) & as yet have no habitation cert. :biggrin1:
  15. newhorizon

    Cost of fitting Electric meters?

    Does anyone know how much it costs to fit electric/water meters? (in Didim) We had already paid the builder for the new connection of water/electric but as they've not yet fitted these meters yet we are being asked to pay £40 per week irrespective of size/no/of people in property since the...
  16. Raysalaff

    New Water Meters

    Does any one in Yalikavak know anything about the new Pay As You Go Water Meters the Belediye is now introducing?
  17. M

    water meters and deposits

    can anyone tell me the cost of a new water meter and what deposit you have to pay in Akbuk? I've searched but can't find an answer. Alice
  18. M

    Electric & Water Meters

    I am sure this has been covered before on here, but I can't find what I am looking for. Is it possible to get our own meters put on without having a Tapu or Habitation Certificate? If so, can someone please tell me the procedure for doing this. We do not have access to the bills which have...
  19. B

    water and electric meters

    when your deeds come,who pays for meters, is it builder or tenant,and what is process,where,and how much are fees please,thanks.:28:
  20. Sniffy

    zeytindali - square meters

    Random as ever - I need to find out the square footage of my apt for the Dask part on the insurance (yes its that time again) Does anyone have Nufuler or Residance style apt on Zeytin dali - I checked the original zeytin website but this information in no longer available. I thought mine was 90...
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