1. V

    Water Main Broke Today and Leaks next to Water Meter!

    Hi there, This morning I was awaken by my neighbor below me ringing my door. He then took me to the ground floor, an ASAT worker was replacing the valve on the left of the water meter of my apartment. They said that the valve on the left of my water meter was leaking. Then the ASAT repairer...
  2. B

    Water meter

    Has any one else had experience of being asked to move water meter outside due to meter reader being concerned of excited dog barking. Dog Is immediately put on a lead if somebody comes to the gate and is a small very friendly dog just gets exited if somone at gate. Meter reader phoned his boss...
  3. W

    Registering new water meter

    Going back to Turkey in a few weeks and need to get a new water meter as our old one has given up the ghost. I believe a new meter (pre pay type) can be bought at a DIY type shop and I know there is one in Yalikavak near bus station, am I correct in thinking I can get one there? Also how do I...
  4. W

    Water meter problem

    The display on our pre pay card type water meter has gone totally blank, does anyone know if there is a battery inside somewhere? Not only is it impossible to see how much water we have left on credit but will not be able to register any top up on the card, our meter is a white one where most of...
  5. suzyq

    12 million square meter tourism city in Bodrum

    Turkey’s Ağaoğlu Group has said it signed a letter of intent with investors from China and Hong Kong to build a 12 million square meter tourism city in the Aegean resort of Bodrum. In a statement on Sept. 15, the company said the tourism city, which will be Europe’s largest when it is...
  6. R

    Pay as you go electric meter install

    Does anyone know if it is legal / possible to fit a pay as you go electrical meter in Turkey
  7. S

    Meter tag plates

    I will shortly be from my apartment and need to know what do I do about the water and electric meter tags , do I have to take them back when I pay final payments or do I leave them for the new owner. thank you.
  8. A

    meter reading

    Anyone in Akbuk especially on Complexes had their electricity meter read this year,I have checked on the Aydem site and it tells me there are no debts,but we normally have had bills by this time in the year
  9. J

    meter not working

    hello i own an apartment in mahmutlar for nearly two years now and i have been getting water bills whenever water is used but no electric bills until i looked for the meter and saw the the latest digital meter not working at all now i am tempted to leave things as they are or should i make them...
  10. D

    can you get a pre pay meter for electric in Turkey?

    We are considering renting our apartment out but whilst the tennants would have to pay for any water they use because it's pre pay, the electric bill is by direct debit and it could cost more than any rental fees if they run the air conditioning non stop etc -is it possible to have a pre pay...
  11. J

    water meter

    I've just been told by the water people that I have to buy a new meter and to re-subscribe I need to show earthquake insurance.As I'm renting is it my responsibility to pay for the insurance?The owner lives in Izmir.Thanks.
  12. tylerbabe

    2 meter satalite dish for sale

    Hd box with 3 months C line left and a 2 meter satalite dish for sale :biggrin:
  13. S

    new water meter

    Can anyone please advise me as to how to get connected to the council water supply? First steps first -we don’t have a water meter! Would be grateful for info as to where I can source one in Didim area and the cost of purchase/fitting of water meter. Thanks
  14. tomc1984

    water meter

    Thinking we must have a faulty water meter, ran out again today. That is now 500TL since April. How much is everyone else paying. We are not using water excessively. Trying to find Mustafa in the belediye who is quite helpful but he has never been there of late.
  15. beyazbayan

    Water Meter

    İ returned on Sunday and found İ have a brand new water meter as do all my neigbours the belediye say they will replace all meters when they are past ten years of age to prevent water waste due to leaks? The bill is 14 tl.
  16. R

    Refund of electric meter if you sell up

    does anybody know if this is true, you tell aydem you've sold and you want meter refund and you get about 200/250tl refund, any help appreciated
  17. christella

    water meter

    any way of topping the card up on line as i am home tomorrow or any ware else i can top up from today thanks
  18. D

    water meter

    Wondering if members could help us set up a pre-pay water meter for our apartment? We were told in August it is cheaper in the long run as they are more efficient? In addition, as our adults kids often use the place we then get left with the bills to pay, as they always promise to pay for it but...
  19. christella

    electic meter

    how much does it cost t change from builders rate to domestic T1T2T3 we have a villa here at olive gardens but we are seperate from the apartment we do not pay any maintenance
  20. christella

    water meter

    just read on another forum water meters are illegal it came from the voices newspaper anybody have any details
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