1. A

    Metal bars - costing?

    I know this is potentially how long is a piece of string scenario. However, can anyone give any idea on what an acceptable costing is for metal grills on windows - those which are drilled through into the wall. I know it will vary on size and style etc just a rough idea to help ensure I am not...
  2. E

    metal work

    Just thought I would ask and see if anyone knows where one could get some small pieces of metal re chromed and a piece of metal reshaped in the Marmaris area. Thank you.
  3. E

    Metal detector allowed in Turkey?

    To make my walks on the beach in the offseason a little more interesting, I`m thinking about buying a metal detector and using it on the public beaches. Are there any laws against this? I`m not planning to use it in any areas which could be considered historic in any way (I know for sure that...
  4. L

    Metal Shed

    Has anyone see metal sheds for sale on the Bodrum peninsular please
  5. OWENA

    Excellent Renovations

    I have just had my apartment interiors at Arinna Sitesi in Gundogan completely repaired by BPPM, Yalikavak and am very pleased with the work that has been done. All through the process, Alex kept us informed daily with emails, texts and loads of photographs of work as it progressed. Someone I...
  6. P

    Metal interior paint?

    Hi all, I am going to undertake the tedious job of rubbing down my metal internal spiral staircase and redoing the metal in a simple brilliant white gloss. Would anybody have a recommendation and importantly a translation into Turkish of a high impact white gloss paint for metal (steel)? I can...
  7. T

    Metal Spiral Staircase

    Does anyone know, where I can get a Metal Spiral staircase made within reach of the Dalyan, Ortaca, Koycegiz, Dalaman areas. I have been to the local metal workshops, but not convinced of a quality job. Would prefer someone with experience in this type of structure. Many Thanks Derek
  8. C

    metal detector

    hi has anyone in koycegiz got a metal detector that i good borrow as i was cleaning up the garden and threw the leaves and branches over my wall onto the waste land next door we have looked for 3 days and cut down a lot of the grass but cant find it and as i have had it for 40 years i would...
  9. Spurs

    Metal or Marijuana

    :speaknoevI have been scratching about on investments as & what to do with money when I leave Turkey. More & more I am seeing & reading about “medical cannabis”, of course its really a backdoor for producing & selling it for whatever purpose. There are now States in America allowing it to be...
  10. M

    metal detecting laws

    Anyone now what law is on metal detecting on the beach in Turkey
  11. G

    metal shutters /bars

    just a quickie and i know it's probably been covered before ,but i really need a good trustworthy person to talk to about either having metal shutters (or maybe bars)on the inside of one of my windows at my house in akbuk .i have the name and number that was mentioned in a thread the other day ...
  12. S

    Metal front doors!

    Has anyone tried to have just the internal handle replaced on these solid metal door, it's coming loose and I really don't want the hassle of having to replaster and paint the wall if the whole door/frame has to be replaced for just this one small part, but there doesn't seem to be any way of...
  13. D

    Metal Security Grills on Doors

    Can anyone recommend a reliable and reasonable charging workman/company in the Didim area to install metal grill safety doors outside / inside ? our glass balcony doors? Thanks
  14. S

    Metal front door

    I have one of those god-awful metal front doors Like myself it has lost its shine. It is now a dull crappy colour Any tips for what to use to clean it Thanx ps on another forum some clown told me to use wd40-totally useless!
  15. shazeroo

    Metal Garden Gate

    Hi - we have someone coming to quote for 2 small garden gates to go either end of the narrow path behind our house. Does anyone have a rough idea what we should expect to pay? We feel that around £40 per gate, fitted, would be right but wanted to see if anyone has had similar work done? Thanks
  16. matty

    Metal welder wanted

    My husband has been looking for a welder!..cheapest one he has seen here in Dalaman is 360lira. Is there anyone out there who as seen any cheaper one's? Or maybe wants to sell a secondhand one? Thanks Matty
  17. G

    can i metal detect in marmaris or is it againt the law

    hi my name is geraldine:474cu:
  18. james fowler

    where can I buy metal bunk beds

    I am so pleased I joined the forum I have picked up a lot of usefull information allready & a big thank you to all members who have replied to my earlier threads. I have one more question does anyone know where I can buy metal bunkbeds locally I have found wooden ones but they are twice the...
  19. Silvidog

    Painting metal railings

    Hi I need to paint some metal railings that go around our patio area. Does anyone know if it is possible to purchase an equivalent of 'Hammerite' so that I don 't have to strip the railings down before I start? Thanks!
  20. B

    Anti-Rust Metal Paint.

    We need to buy "Anti-Rust" metal paint to cover our railings. Will the label on the Paint Tins be in Turkish, and if so, what will this paint be called? Thanks in Advance. Mel.
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