1. ted j

    Skype or Msn Messenger

    Which do you use and why? Ted
  2. A89

    Windows Live Messenger

    When i try to sign in today it brings up a message saying 'a newer version has to be installed in order to continue do u want to do this now?' I click yes then get a message saying 'a newer version is already installed. The error message is 'oncatalogresult: 0x80280007'. Ive googled this and...
  3. R

    no send on messenger

    [Every time I download the latest version of WINDOWS MESSENGER, I have no SEND, I recieve messages o.k. and I can type a reply, but I have no send. Its driving me barmy, I'v downloaded about 8 times now over a couple of months every time with the same result. PLEASE HELP...
  4. C

    update on windows live messenger

    Hi everyone, I had to do an "update" or it wouldn"t let me continue to the site,since doing this I cannot do a video call to anyone we can type ok to each other but can"t speak or get webcam on?? any suggestions please as I am totally thick on these things!!! Thank you
  5. jcrian

    Messenger Spam

    There seems to be a lot of spam being created from peoples email addresses in their contact list. I am receiving spam from people in my list and I know others are receiving the same from me. Mainly adverts about ring tones, but obviously not sent by any of the contacts.
  6. maggie

    MSN live messenger.

    Right Im going to have a rant any anbody who can help me can come to akbuk and ill give em a private pole dance. I really think I should post this in Geeky stuff so admins please feel free to move it if needed. My computter has had a epileptic fit and done all sorts of funny things like losing...
  7. bexxy

    Talking to someone on Messenger - help!

    edidted again :D anyone have any clues? sasnada iyi geceler
  8. K

    MSN Messenger

    I have heard that MSN are going to start charging 5.00 a month to use their messenger chat service, Is this true?
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