1. bickern

    They messed with the wrong OAP

    Two young men attempted to rob an old man outside a shop in Spain. What happened next, no-one was expecting. The two men, according to Spanish news site 24 Horas, were both p*ssed and emerged at the same time as the elderly man from a shop carrying plastic bags. There appears to be words...
  2. M

    Confused, body clock all messed up.

    Ok I do know where I am, I know what time it is, but body is still fighting it. Three weeks ago, was leaving Turkey to Georgia. Three days later Georgia to Azerbaijan. Ten days later fly back to Georgia. Throw in a week in Georgia, then get recall to UK this weekend due to relative passing...
  3. Mushtaq

    Forum Time messed up

    The time on the server running the Forum software was out of sync for a while, this has been corrected, but the side effect is that some of posts from last few hours are not going to look right because the new posts will appear before the previous ones (server time was ahead by 12 hrs) :kafa:
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