1. bickern

    New years messages

    Tony Blair has used his New Year's message to stick the boot into Jeremy Corbyn again as he blasted Labour's worst defeat for 90 years and called for 'real progressive change' in 2020. Speaking of a 'profound volatility' in UK politics over the last 12 months, the former Labour leader slammed...
  2. R

    private messages

    Hi I have not been a member for very long so I'm still finding my way around the site. I have had a couple of private messages sent to me recently of which I would really like to reply to, but I think I must be doing something wrong, as the messages are failing to send,can someone point me in...
  3. Fuzzy

    Great news for turkcell users

    GREAT NEWS !!! Last year i asked the lady who lives in the summertime on our site and who has something to do with the software of Turkcell--if they could send all these continuous messages that we all receive everyday in ENGLISH !!! she notified me this morning that they are offering this as a...
  4. ted j

    Facebook tracking your messages

    Disgraceful, one of the computer guys says he sees nothing wrong in monitoring peoples private conversations Facebook 'snoops on your private inbox' | Mail Online Do people who do this have no morals?
  5. arrian

    Sent messages - help please!

    i have had a number of pm's that i have replied to, but then not had a return reply, and when I've checked it says i haven't sent any messages! there is a blue arrow at the side of the message showing i have replied, but as i can no longer see them, like i used to be able to, i don't actually...
  6. arrian


    can anyone tell me how to see messages that i have sent to other members please? i'm sure this used to show in my message list, but all i have now is received messages. i've gone through all the options listed but can't seem to find the one i need! i realise it probably won't show any previous...
  7. djmagic

    turkcell messages

    I am receiving messages from turkcell in turkish!!! can i get these messages in english ? i have been online and have changed the language to english but still no joy. is there a number i can txt to request the messages in english.. thanks
  8. Mirazz

    New Messages

    Is it possible that when I open a thread which I have already opened in the past, it opens on the last unread post? For example, I read the "What did you have tonight?" thread every night, and every night I have to go to the last page and go backwards to find the last post I've read. I am on...
  9. M

    Random text messages or answerphone messages

    Whats the funniest text or answerphone message that you've received? I once got a message on my answerphone from an older sounding woman and she said " Hi it's only me ,I spoke to dad today,he's ok,he's in an open prison now but he's a bit peed off coz he cant wear his own clothes":hehe: Meah
  10. arrian

    visitors messages

    i've had a visitors message from someone, and before i could open it, it disappeared!!!! so, if whoever sent it, wants to send me a private or visitors message, i can read it and reply; or does anyone know how i can retrieve it?? please? thankyou yet again
  11. shirleyanntr

    BIG thanks for messages

    thakns for all your kind messages over my recent accident..sad: wawsnt raki nor paragliding :35:just a bloody slippy mat..itss a jungle out there...before i go further forgive the typo errors ive lost m mpuse using a laptop so bear with if that wasnt bad enough ive also got o conten with...
  12. rosewall1

    vodafone messages in English

    I decided with my new mobile to use vodafone because I have been told that you can request all messages from them to you in English. Well I have tried and tried using their web site, customer service all to no avail. Telephone customer service which is a 444 number and they charged me, and I get...
  13. shirleyanntr

    personal messages or pm's

    A thread today 'warning' is about Pm's with actual pm being pasted. this begs the question how private are pm's. İf the member has a complaint this should surely be taken up with the Admin team rather than on an open forum. İ'm sure many of us learn some unpleasant things via pm's but for one...
  14. V

    Why cant I find my sent Private Messages anywhere?

    I keep sending private messages but cant find them on the system, any advice??
  15. Ian2006

    Vodaphone Messages in Turkish

    Probably been asked before but is there any way I can get the messages in English!!! I am sure it must be costing me a fortune missing all the offers they keep sending me on my Turkish pay as you go mobile !!!
  16. arrian

    Thought of the day

    May the fleas of a thousand camels infest the a**e of anyone who messes up your year, and may their arms be too short to scratch it!!! :25:
  17. Xerox

    Stop messages telling you about remaining credit

    I found these messages to be a pain so needed to stop them, couldn't find any information on here or on the net so I called Turkcell. To stop the messages send the word IPTAL in capitals to 2142
  18. KKOB

    Warning - Text Messages From Turkcell In English

    If you receive a text message from Turkcell asking if you'd like to receive further messages from them in English, don't reply, it's a scam. Although Turkcell are working on a system to send messages to mobile phone owners in their native tongue, they are still in the early stages of...
  19. G

    Bayram messages

    Can anyone give some nice bayram messages to send and also their meanings please
  20. M

    Turkish Messages

    I get lots of emails and text messages from Garanti Bank. They are in Turkish. Is there any way I can get these messages sent in English? Maisie
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