1. immac

    Bad Gateway Message

    For the past few weeks I have been getting error messages - Error 502 "The web server reported a bad gateway error." - when trying to go to posts. It is never on the main page, only when trying to go to latest post in a thread. It is never on all threads, just a few. Sometimes happens with...
  2. bickern

    Erdoğan issued a message on the occasion of Easter

    President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan issued a message on the occasion of Easter on Sunday while the country’s Christian community had to refrain from performing religious services in churches due to the coronavirus outbreak. “I congratulate the Easter of all our Christian citizens with heartfelt...

    TLF Message.. private messaged me on TLF and 3 days ago i replied with two answers to your query but you either haven't seen them for some reason or haven't replied.
  4. A89

    weird message in TLF

    Has anyone else had a message like this????
  5. A89

    5 iplayer error message

    Has anyone found a solution to the error message that keeps coming up on 5 ıplayer after adverts? Its driving me mad! When it does occur I cant play the rest of an episode until the next day. Their help centre says its related to Chrome browser but a few weeks ago I trıed using fırefox and it...
  6. A89

    Adblocker message

    Can anyone tell me how to get around the adblocker message that is preventing me from watching channel 4 on demand please? Ive had it before many times but just refreshed the page and it went and played but now seems to not be going anywhere, just repeats itself. Ive tried restarting and also...
  7. bickern

    Android owners on high alert over terror text message

    Researchers have claimed hackers could use a single terrifying text message to easily gain access to an Android phone and use its camera as a pervy peephole. Mobile security experts at Zimperium have found a dangerous vulnerability which can allegedly be attacked using a simple message. When...
  8. A89

    AVG "computer not fully protected" message

    Ive been using AVG free for years and never had a problem before but for the last couple of months I keep getting this message. Ive uninstalled it and reinstalled it several times but after a few days it just starts again. My husband has the same on his laptop with no problems. Anyone else...
  9. bickern

    I am a Muslim and want to convey a message

    I am a Muslim and want to convey a message - as to its validity I don't know but I think it is a sentiment that many Muslims hold.
  10. bickern

    Message from Boris

    The great thing about Americans is that they get to the point. They don’t go for the delicate hint. Last week in Washington I was left in no doubt by a series of politicians – Democrats and Republicans alike – that they love Britain; they love coming to London; they believe as ardently as I do...
  11. suzyq

    Text Message for RP

    Saw this announcement on the DGMM webesite but don't know if it is actually happening yet or when it will. Residence permit application is evaluated and if found suitable, postal bar code will be sent to the foreigners with SMS whose residence permit are issued. If a foreigner, whose...
  12. E

    Test Message From EasyRider

    Hello everyone from rainy Telford. We can't wait to relocate in Side
  13. mollag

    Another anti Islam message

    Im wondering if the amount of anti Islam propaganda circulating is up to worrying standard.If these social media postings were about Judaism then there would be outcry, questions in parliament and police action, One of the more easier ones to find holes, and yes, I recall it being quoted on TLF...
  14. A89

    ''Not available in your area'' message

    Having nothing but problems trying to watch tv the last few days. Now UKTV access connects immediately but even though its connected every time I try to watch a program I get the message saying this is not available to watch in your area! whats going on? I know someone else had this problem a...
  15. S

    need my message to be translated..

    Merhaba everybody I hope everyone is enjoying there weekend. Im in a slight pickle at the moment , and need someone help. The first person who helps translate my message below , I will buy there a coffee or bera , when im in turkey nxt month. Im true to my name. Hello sibel I hope you are...
  16. S

    hello I need a message translated please

    Hi im very sorry but these on-line translation websites such as google etc... do not work properly. I really need this message to get across to my sister in law whos englidh isnt that good , can someone help me. Hello sibel I hope you are ok Zeynep still hasn't contacted me either by e.mail...
  17. S

    need my message to be translated..Help

    Hi I need my message to be translated from English to Turkish. My friend in turkey English is not good so please can you help me translate my message to her. Hello sibel I will be arriving in istanbul on the 5th july for 4 days Visiting a friend in fatih area , but staying in sultan ahmet. If...
  18. shirleyanntr

    Turkish protests

    The protests that have been ongoing in Gezi Park İstanbul are finally reaching a wider audience and it may make the world wake up to what is going on here. The protests which started off as a refusal to allow part of Taksim square to be redeveloped for yet another shopping Mall has taken off as...
  19. J

    PHP-NUKE message

    I've been trying to post a comment on an article in Voices but at every attempt I get the message: The html tags you attempted to use are not allowed. I've gone on to the PHP-NUKE site and done their test submission with no trouble so any clues please?
  20. G

    Message from Ttnet

    Hello Did anyone else on this site get a message from Ttnet about a new 19tl charge from 1st May ? Thank you all
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