1. G

    coming to mersin hopefully in september

    hi there. As the title says hopefully coming in september, any information would be gratefully accepted. We have been to turkey many times before all along the med coast and done the touristy things. Up to now our favourite place is antalya as the smaller towns like alanya, fethiye,get a little...
  2. J

    Living in Mersin

    Probably should have joined this site a lot earlier - great info on it. Coming up to Christmas I am surrounded by Christmas cheer but missing my friends and family back in Oz. Any other expats in Mersin let me know :( Feeling the expat blues at the minute. :49:
  3. S

    living in mersin

    what is the cost of living and education like in mersin. What is the nearest chartered airline airport and how far is it? My husband is from Iskenderun so Mersin is a compromise but is it too far East are there many ex pats etc :juggle:
  4. D

    Hello from mersin

    Hello thanks for adding me to the site. I am living in Mersin anyone else living here?
  5. A

    Adana to Mersin

    I know that there is a Dolmuş service connecting Adana Otogar to Mersin Otogar. Does any one know if there is a service connecting Adana airport to Mersin Otogar? Thanks.
  6. Housemartins

    Transfer mersin to tasucu ferry port

    Can anyone provide me with details of a local RELIABLE transfer company. I need to travel from Mersin to Tasucu in early March. One small point worth mentioning as well as 2 adults there will be a dog. Thanks
  7. J

    weather in mersin and surrounding area

    Well the last 24 hours was in one way the most spectacular storm and rainfall ive seen for many many years but it also has to be the worst for my area. Electric supply in and surrounding villages in mersin was off for most of the day, and flooding was devasting. On 2 occasions during the day i...
  8. J

    Welcome To Mersin Forum

    Hi my name is Jacqui and live in the Mersin area. I hope to offer information over the coming weeks for those who visit or wish to live in this part of Turkey, Those that wish to add any information that is of help to others please feel free to do so. I will prepare threads for visas, (where...
  9. J

    mersin area forum

    good morning everyone, i have tried sevral times to pm Mustaq to set up a mersin forum but to no avail, i would be grateful if you could try get this message to him as im sure, i have lots of advice to give people in this area. Especially as it is not a tourist area and things a little more...
  10. M

    residency in mersin

    hi i am wondering if anyone has any info ,i staying wi my fiance turkish family ,im british , i have a child to my fiance ,i want to apply for residency , what do i need ,do i have to get bank account , how much money do you have to have in the bank ,is diffrent because im staying wi my...
  11. J

    question to Moderators re:Forum for Mersin

    Hi Although new to TLF i was wondering why there is not a local forum for my area Mersin/Adana area? Although i know this is not a big touristy area there are lots of people from all nationalities now coming to live here. I am married to a Turkish man and am English so can offer loads of...
  12. gymrat

    Furnitures, plasma tv's etc for sale in MERSIN

    Hi. I will be moving out of Turkey soon so have a lot of stuff for sale. If you are in Mersin/Adana area and interested, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks.
  13. alison09400

    Nuclear Plant for Mersin

    Seems like Turkey is planning to go ahead with the building of a nuclear plant in the southern province of Mersin, despite what we have seen over the paset few days in Japan..and despite warnings from experts. Turkey goes ahead on nuclear plans as experts warn - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic...
  14. perfect1949

    mersin to bodrum

    does anyone know the best way from mersin to bodrum by bus .dave
  15. ceemac

    Pregnant woman in Mersin pressured to leave work

    I think there was a thread recently about how far Turkey had progressed as regards womens rights. I was going to post this there but can't find it. 'A 32-year-old woman held a protest outside the Mersin University Research Center Hospital on Monday after she was pressured to leave her job...
  16. C

    Travel To Mersin

    :car: I wamt to travel from Bodrum to Mersin by coach. I am a female travelling alone. I will be going by coach but does anyone know a coach that will take me all the way without changing. My Turkish is not that brilliant and I am a little worried as I know it is a long way. Many thanks...
  17. G

    HELP marmaris to mersin via coach

    Hi can anyone out there give me some advice on how to get to Mersin from Marmaris ? we have a wedding to go to in April and I dont seem to be able to find anything out on the Internet looked at flights but they were all via Istanbul to Adana and cost a bomb so now are looking at going by bus...
  18. K


    Hello,can some one tell me if you can get your 90 day visa going to cyprus via mersin,thank you
  19. gerald

    Road between Antalya and Mersin - Mahmutlar

    I was browsing and it mentions that the Mahmutlar beach road was going to be renovated when the new road is built, this sounds like a great improvement as seeing how hazardous it is for people to cross the road to the beach has always been a concern to me...
  20. immac

    Mersin Prices Plummet

    From Today's Zaman: Summer home prices plummet in Mersin with slump in demand Though prices of summer homes normally fall in parallel to dwindling demand in the winter, prices for such homes in Mersin have fallen to their lowest level in recent years despite the fact that it is peak sale...
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