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    Help! Rebuild Insurance Bodrum Merkez (not Dask)

    Hi All, I need to arrange my Building & Contents insurance for property in Bodrum. Not Dask, that done. Problem I have is knowing the rebuild amount on my separate building insurance. How/where can I get this from? Can an owner set this value? Or does the insurance company? The quote I have had...
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    rental apartment needed in Alanya Merkez

    Hello:) could u help me please? I am looking for apartment 1+1 in Alanya Centrum for 1 month (July) from 1 - to 31. Is it possible to find something for 1000-1300 tl? I don't look for something luxury just small ordinary flat with necessary furniture. Thank u :-)
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    looking for a house or apartment to rent long term in Alanya Merkez

    I am looking for a house or a apartment to rent long term for me my turkish partner and our daughter in Alanya Merkez near friday market 1+1 or 2+1 furnished if anyone could help thanks :9:
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    Where is Merkez????

    Can anyone tell me where Merkez is located? I think its in Antalya region. The only other thing I can tell you is the city - Borough is Antalya, sar.-karadyi If anyone does know where it is do you also have any websites I can see maps, photo's, etc? Thanks
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