1. Y


    Hi All, I come back and forth to Turkey and like to keep up with the news, etc and I also like some of the interesting things that come up in this forum. That's all. I shall continue surfing now.:happy: Yasemin3
  2. ali türkmen


    Hello All. My name's Ali.I am living and working in Dalaman,31 years old and have a 6 mounth old son.I came from fethiye 7 mounths ago and rent a flat in dalaman. I can say so far so good.
  3. A


    Merhabalar/ Hi everyone we moved to Turkey last year with the view to live there, stayed for 8 months but through a change of circumstances have had to return to NZ so we will try again next year until then I'm on here alot it makes Turkey seem not so far away thanks everyone :3:
  4. S

    Merhabalar, ne'sesınız?

    Hello everybody, Some of you might recognise me, the vast majority won't. I promise i'll be good, i'm only here to give straight information about the country i love.... this is the Prussian forum site isn't it?
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