1. V

    Merhaba! Nasılsın? Looking for advice!

    Merhaba adım Vonnie. Ingilizim ve türkçe öğreniyorum. 🤗 My Brother erkek kardeş has just got engaged (nişanlılar) to a wonderful Turkish lady. I'm so happy and would like to welcome her to our family by gifting a takı. I was wondering what would be a nice gift? Teşekkürler Gürüşurüz Vonnie
  2. M


    h everyone mick now living in gazipasa....retired 59 and living the from newcastle divorced other than that .....glad to be here ...
  3. anuradha

    Merhaba Turkey, Hi To All Nice People In Here

    Hi Guys, Bit of my self; Married last year 2013 since living in This beautiful City Istanbul . Met my wife 15 years ago in London she been Turk and me being Srilankan it seems we are meant to be New Country New Language All so exciting but missing my old mates from London and my family, work...
  4. S


    Hi all, been a while since I was on here so re registered. Retired and living in Akbuk with my wife, since 2010. See you on a thread later.
  5. G


    I'm soon 21 year old woman. Married with Turkish man for 1 year now. I'm living in Gazipaşa (From Alanya about 45km to the east). No child, no animals. I'm not working because of working permit things but hope to get turkish citizenship after 2 year. I'm speaking some turkish but learning more...
  6. T

    Merhaba all! New to the forum.

    Hey all! I'm Taryn, originally of Texas. I've been living in Turkey for just over ten months now. I work for a university, where I teach English to incoming freshmen. I live in a small city with a very small yabanci population. Though I am trying to immerse myself in the Turkish experience, I...
  7. B


    I spent two years in Ankara, 1968 to 1970. I enjoyed my time their. Just want to reconnect.
  8. S

    Merhaba everyone

    Merhaba my name is steve I live in essex uk. I married to an turkish women who is from hatay turkey. I have visited several parts of turkey including , Alanya , Antalya , side , bodrum and istanbul in which I lived there for 6 months. Visiting again in july 2013.
  9. K

    Merhaba, im a new member

    Hi everyone, Well i have been going to altinkum since 2002 and fell in love with it. I stopped going to turkey around 07 but making up for lost time now hehehe. Hoping to get to know you all and hopefully see some of you out and about tinky town.. Thank you Kelly
  10. B


    Hi everyone, last October me & my partner finally made the plunge & bought a place in Datça. Came across this site while trawling the web, looked like it could be useful so joined up & here I am! Basically just hoping to pick up any useful info on the ups & downs on owning property in Turkey in...
  11. C


    Hi everyone - My name is Justin. I'm from San Francisco, but have been living in Istanbul for the last six months. Right now, the main thing on my mind is the Avrasya marathon next week :D Happy to be here and take part. justin
  12. R

    merhaba to all TLF members!

    Hi folks, just a quick introduction. I am planning on relocating to Turkey in the near future, hopefully? I am hoping to glean much helpful advise from other members to help me avoid some of the pitfalls which may have befallen others during the initial steps of relocating to foreign parts. Any...
  13. T

    Merhaba everyone !

    Hello ! I'm a 20 years-old girl, I'm studying Business and Management. I adore traveling and learning every single different thing from my culture... My first contact with the turkish world was this summer when I had to spend a night in Istanbul before continuing my flight to another...
  14. S


    I have been having a good look round this forum, after being recommended this site from another forum I am a regular contributor to and decided to register and introduce myself, what I have read so far has been really helpful. Bit about me, I am English living in Kent with my Husband who is...
  15. C

    Merhaba! Hello everybody!

    Hi everyone, I am new to forums, so please be be kind! My name is Charlotte and my family and I are really hoping to join you all to live in Didim! I have 2 children, one 7 and the other 3 and want to take the leap before they get too old. I have a few questions. I really would like to know...
  16. awaqac


    hi everyone, I'm ibrahim from istanbul, 30 y.o single lad, working in maritime business as a naval architect & marine engineer. I design any kind of ship, especially wooden yachts. I've been in the UK, newcastle upon tyne for my master degree at newcastle univ, then worked for a local british...
  17. S

    Merhaba, everyone!

    Hi, I'm Julia, new to this site, and not very familiar with using a 'Forum' - you may have to be patient with me, as I find my way around! I'm maybe moving to the Aegean coast sometime next year, depending on how things go. In the meantime, I'm already finding lots of interesting info on this...
  18. C


    Hi I am a recent retiree waiting for my husband to join me then we are off to Turkey, Fethiye to be precise. We holiday there twice a year and can't wait for the time we can move there permanently. Have been a guest on the site for a few months now and have found the information posted to be...
  19. B


    Hi Everyone, Just want to say a big hello to all on this forum, I have been living in 'Turkey for the last 3 years and have enjoyed every minute of it.:clock:
  20. N


    I am glad to say merhaba/hi to dear Turkish Living members... Will try to be helpful in especially Turkish laws, rules, latest news which is important for the expats and of course share my experiences... My main job was banking & public relation even had a degree in economics...but retired now...
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