1. juco

    How to edit copy/paste context menu?

    If I highlight something in IE this is the options I get. If I copy/paste from firefox this is only part of the options I get, anyone know how to edit this list to something similar to IE. It only recently chnged to the longer list and the only download I made was an update to VCL viewer...
  2. H

    casper mobo boot menu shortcut?

    Hello, I have recently bought a Casper notebook from vatan computers and I am planning on doing a whole Win 7 reinstall. To do that, I need to change the boot priority so that the notebook checks the DVD driver befor it boots into windows. However, When I press 'delete' which is the usual...
  3. kaplumba

    English vs Turkish menu prices

    Hmm well friends went to a restaurant at Karaincir near Datca and were presented with a menu in English. She told the waiter she wanted the Turkish menu and he sheepishly handed it over. Many things on the English menu were 1 or 2 lira more and so they were not amused. Is this legal and is it...
  4. kaplumba

    Menu Prices in Turkey

    We had a 'to do' in a restaurant the other lunch time. We ordered chicken salads at 15 lira each which was quite enough as it was just a small piece with a few leaves and some bread. It was pleasant enough but when the bill came it bore no relation to the menu prices and the chicken salads were...
  5. arrian

    Menu please!!!

    love this I have a table booked: The moment a clever squirrel uses a giant fungus as a platter | Mail Online
  6. alison09400

    Indian menu now at Dejazar

    Dejazar Wine Bar & Bistro facing the Marina now has an Indian menu running alongside their existing A La Carte. The chef trained in an Indian restaurant in the UK for 6's delicious. :roundgrin
  7. Mushtaq

    Exchange rates added to left menu

    I have added the live exchange rates to the left menu again.
  8. the sausage king

    Carvery Menu 13th Aprıl

    This menu is 31ytl per person but for tlf members we are offering all three courses for only 25ytl please mention you are a tlf member when booking. We are holding this carvery at the Tempo restaurant Gumbet we already have over thırty booked and hope that yo can join us. Remember eat all you...
  9. the sausage king

    New Years day Menu

    I will be holding my New Years day menu at the Shine restaurant Calis, Booking are very advisable and a 10ytl deposit will be payable, please let me know what you think of this menu as I can promise a gastronomic pleasure to be had by all. Here is the menu for New Years Day Smoked salmon...
  10. the sausage king

    Carvery Menu 23/09/07

    Hi I was going to be holding a carvery at Jokers in Akbuk this sunday but it has been cancelled due to the advertising not being put in the paper a little infuriating but hey thats life. So I wilcarvery at the Morgul Antik restaurant in Yalikavak with sittings at 7pm and 9pm please book as on...
  11. the sausage king

    Carvery menu 9/9/07

    sunday carvery 9/9/07 This Sunday I am holding, due to demand another of my Carveries. Please find this weeks menu and I look forward to seeing all of you. This may be one of the last menu's to be held at The Morgul Antik restaurant Yalikavak this season, so lets make it a full one(just like...
  12. the sausage king

    Ok you can all stop shouting, Here is the dessert menu online

    Hi Everyone, I know I have been slow putting this online, but you can now order all your favorite desserts online, thru my website, or contact me direct. Please remember if there is something you want and its not there, all you have to do is ask. We have now also started our Outside catering...
  13. Miss Money Penny

    restaurant with no menu

    When a restaurant has no menu should we ask the price before we order? in december we had some really nice meals in Geris but there was no menu we were just asked if we wanted fish, steak or chicken.On one occasion we felt the bill was a bit on the hefty side. It could be embarrasing if you...
  14. Andy

    Funny Signs & Menu's

    Signs from hotels and Menu's from around the world: ***************************************** In a Tokyo hotel: Is forbidden to steal hotel towels please. If you are not a person to do such a thing please not to read notis. In a Bucharest hotel lobby: The lift is being fixed for the next...
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