1. D

    Memory of an Exodus

    Mad Cat Ladies followed by a rant | The Old Groaner
  2. A

    ipad memory

    Hello. The memory on my ipad is getting full. Most is due to photos. As there is no usb port how can I transfer them to a safe backup? Thanks in advance.
  3. MiddleEarth

    In Memory Of September 6th-7th, 1955

    60th anniversary of pogroms targeting Rums marks progress in rapprochement Today marks the 60th anniversary of the September 1955 pogroms which targeted Turkey's, and particularly ─░stanbul's, local ethnic Greek population...The pogroms of Sept. 6-7, 1955 were offset by announcements that the...
  4. bal canavar

    #walktogether in memory of 7/7 victims:

    Londoners #walktogether in memory of 7/7 victims: Thousands of commuters get off the Tube early and walk their final stop 10 years on from the terror attacks that killed 52 Commuters shared their poignant tributes to the victims of the 7/7 bombings online as they walked to work today Scores...
  5. juco

    Why it is called memory foam!

  6. butt007

    Death...Shirleyan tr

    It is with deep sadness I have to tell you all......Shirleyantr died last night. .....Yusef her husband found her sat in the armchair, he thought she was asleep. He rang my next door neighbour, he didn't know what to do and they are with him now. The police/Jandarm were informed and an...
  7. S

    A trip down memory lane

    I've recently become a member of a new Facebook group called Nostalgic Camborne, a town I have lived in for the past 45 years. It was set up just over 2 weeks ago, and in the first week alone gained over 3'000 members, now rising to over 4'800. It's full of people's old pictures and memories...
  8. A

    Memory Stick

    Hello. I have a Toshiba 8GB memory stick. Tried to add info this morning but cannot gain access. Error message appears that file cannot be found. This is case with all files on the stick. Have tried acessing as administrator but still no luck. Light on stick flashes when plugged into laptop but...
  9. P

    USB Memory drive

    Can my Itunes collection be backed up on a USB memory drive
  10. S

    My memory's even worse!!

    Hi, Today I read a really sweet and very funny thing on here about someone who had a busy day getting absolutely nothing done because he kept moving from one thing to another without finishing any jobs. He just kept forgetting what he was supposed to be doing. Does it sound familiar? The...
  11. T

    Olympic Run in memory of Soo

    You are aware of Chris and a team doing the London to Brighton bike ride in June in memory of Soo for breast cancer Here is the link again Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | Brighton or Breast Also in just over 10 days on the afternoon of Saturday 31st March I am doing the 5 mile Olympic run...
  12. maggie

    In Memory of Rainbow Soo.

    Pineapple & I have been talking and we feel as with us a lot of you maybe would like to arrange something as a Memorial to Soo. We have spoken about a bench with a Rainbow Plaque maybe to be placed in one of Soo,s favorite places in Kas or indeed in the grounds of the hospital where she was...
  13. maggie

    In Memory of Soo.

    Jan Tuncer is fundraising for Whale And Dolphin Conservation Society. One of Soo,s friends has set up this if any one would like to contribute in any way . Hugs Maggie xx
  14. A89

    memory almost full

    Can anyone tell me why suddenly the memory on my laptop is almost full? Yesterday I moved where 'my documents' gets saved onto the D drive from the C drive. That left the C drive with 10.9gb free but when I put the laptop on again today it says only 6.44 free of 41.1gb, how can that be? I...
  15. S

    What stays in your memory as a child

    I can always remember my first two wheeler bike. Two tone purple, when I saw it by the christmas tree nothing else was important. That bike gave me so many happy memories I truly loved it. What was your best Christmas present ? :255ji:
  16. T

    In Memory of my Brother :)

    I just wanted to share this bit of good news with you. My family & me have been very busy over the last couple of months, selling tickets to a Disco, raffle tickets, gathering prizes & auction goodies to hold a fundraiser in support of our local Oncology unit. They took such fabulous care of...
  17. Rosemary1234

    Memory Card!

    Hi All. Could someone help me with a Digital Camera Question please! just been and bought a new camera, asked the assistant if I needed anything to go with it, she looked at me with that look that only teenagers can give (vacant) and said no everthing that I need was all in the box, USB cable...
  18. S

    king size bed +Visko / memory foam matrress

    5' hand made pine bed + a fantastic visko ( latex ) memory foam mattress it also has foam continuous spring system ( no turn ) moulds around body and gently cradle's your body. REALLY the best night sleep. I have a bad back and need a hip replacement this bed is better than any pain killers...
  19. the bueman

    Ronan Kerr PSNI Officer in Loving Memory

    I will tie a yellow ribbon around the tree in my garden today as a mark of respect and in remembrance of a proud Irish Man and Son. Who gave his life serving our community.
  20. E

    In memory of Peter

    Hi there, I'm Eilidh - Peter's daughter in law. Wee Pete and myself just wanted to thank you all for your kind messages. We miss Peter so much, he was such a huge part of our lives. I know this place also meant a lot to Peter (in fact he often used to ask me to sneak onto the games section to up...
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