1. Camden

    Srebrenica memorial

    Has the Lesson been learned today we are still hearing people deny it happened .... Milorad Dodik,in the Serb member of the tripartite Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, called the Srebrenica genocide a “fabricated myth” Serbian Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin declared that, “the...
  2. T

    Iraq and Afghanistan Memorial!

    Grieving families ignored as the elite Free-Loaders, War Mongers & Hypocrites puff out their chest's in blissful ignorance of the further Distress their arrogance & ignorance causes those families whose loved ones lost their lives! "Blair, who was accused of having ‘blood on his hands’ after...
  3. B

    Holocaust Memorial Day. Lest we forget, let's hope we never do. Bill.
  4. A

    Helles Memorial Gallipoli

    If anyone is considering visiting the memorial between now and next summer, would they please do me a favour. I visited the memorial in late July but unfortunately the memorial was undergoing some renovation work. I wanted to take a photograph of plaque 125. This plaque shows the name of...
  5. B

    Falklands Memorial.

    BBC News - Falklands War memorial unveiled at National Arboretum It's nice to see this Memorial dedicated at last, perfect timing near to the 30th anniversary. Bill.
  6. B

    Memorial plaque stolen.

    Sun replaces stolen plaque in Warrington to tragic little boys killed by IRA bomb | The Sun |News Whoever stole this plaque are no better than the low-life who planted the bomb that killed these young boys. I put them in the same class as those who have stolen the brass...
  7. L

    Soo's memorial, 4th March

    Chris has just posted this on facebook as a reminder. Can İ just remind everybody that there wıll be a celebratıon of Soo`s lıfe at Lolas ın Kas on Sunday 4th March at 10 am. Lıght buffet tea and coffee. Brıght clothes and large smıles (by order of Mrs Parr} Can someone please put this on TLF...
  8. Freedom 49

    Martin luther king memorial

    At long last! The very much overdue unvieling of a memorial to Dr. Martin Luther King in Washington. A true fighter for Freedom for his people. R.I.P.
  9. Bibby

    9/11 Memorial, -like it??

    I like it a lot, though I wish they had incorporated the vertical spotlights in the centre of each one. But maybe that'd have spoilt the effect. I love the curtains of water, the sound, the way the breeze causes disturbances in the fall. It looks magical at night, I think.
  10. Yalides

    ANITKABIR, Ataturks memorial

    Went to Ataturks memorial in Ankara last week, second time we have been and what a fabulous way to remember the hero who brought Turkey into the real world. Shame Britain doesn,t have a structure or similar to Winston Churchill.
  11. ceemac

    Urinated On War Memorial

    Another example of the drink culture prevalent with the young in Britain. The judge made some good comments but they'll just be ignored of course - I think a first step would be to raise the legal age for drinking to 21 and go back to restricting opening hours of pubs and off-licences...
  12. ceemac

    Philip Price Memorial Fund

    I was just reading an article about the foreign residents of Turgutreis having their Christmas Fayre on 15 December for the Philip Price Memorial Fund - does anyone one know who Philip Price was? Just as an aside, you know the way people from Glasgow are Glaswegians and Mancunians are from...
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